Importance of Metadata on Images You Upload To Your Website

Ever Wondered how Search Engines understand Images? This is the secret!

About the Usual Meta Data

We all know that Meta data plays a major role in organic SEO. Further, it’s the piece of data that’s shown to users on SERP’s. Lot’s of SEO Firms out there optimise the Meta Data for clients to make sure they rank Organically and gain the maximum Clicks from Organic Search. Having the right Title Tag and Description site-wide would improve the overall average ranks and impressions from Google Search Engine, which you can verify on Webmaster tools.

New usage of Meta Data for Images

Meta data can be added to images using the exif editor thats available on the Internet as “Online Exif Editor”, as well as downloadable Windows and Mac Tools. With these tools in place, we will have options to enter the Geographic coordinates for images easily.

A Real Time Example:

We have our ClickDo HQ @ Canary Wharf. If we are taking a picture of our office and upload it to our website, the possibility for the Search Engines to understand that the picture is taken at our Office is relatively less. Hence, we are utilising the Meta Data for Images to provide sufficient data to the search engines to understand the images better and optimise them for crawling and indexing effectively.

Why it acts as a competitive metrics?

With increase in Competition for Organic SEO Every day, these metrics play a vital role. Giving attention to detail with respect to Meta Data is vital to rank your website organically in 2017!

Need help with Meta Data for Images?

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