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How to improve the landing page conversion rate?

Well, As an SEO Consultant you can easily rank the web pages on the Google by using some strategic techniques. But it is important to convert the users who are visiting the web page.

Here let’s see some Landing page design factors to increase the conversion rate.

landing pageUnderstand the Customer Requirements:

Based on the services that you are providing, the customer may visit your site to gather some information about your business.

Hence, understand the customers need and provide the necessary information about what they are looking for.

If the customer doesn’t find the necessary info, then he/she would leave your website and look for some other sources online.

This will end up in the poor conversion rate.

Add Videos/Media Files:

In the landing page, add more media files like Infographics. How to do videos, etc This will make the user to buy the products from you or avail services.

If you are selling some products, then add some videos like Unboxing the product, review videos, etc. This will help the customers to trust your product and immediately buy them.

landing page conversion rateAdd Client Testimonials:

A good successful company will have the positive feedback from the clients. List all the positive client feedback in the landing page.

This will help the new visitors to easily trust your business and avail services from you.

If possible, get some video reviews from the clients and add them to the landing page to increase the conversion rate.

Add some offers:

Users are more likely to buy the product or avail services from you. if you provide any attractive offers and discounts to them.

Make sure you add some catchy offers on your landing page to convert the landing users.

Also, you can add some pop-ups on the website, If the user lands on any page, then they could be able to see the offers via Pop-ups. This will also help to increase the conversion rate.

Thus these are some of the important elements which should be added on the landing page to increase the conversion rate.


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