Interlinking Structure – Best Metrics to Boost Your SEO


Interlinking in SEO plays a vital role in defining the ranks of the web page in the search engines. Interlinking helps both the search engine crawlers and the users to navigate to the different pages of the same website.

Google bot visits one specific web page and then follows the links on that page and discovers the new webpage. This process repeats and Google bot starts indexing the new web pages that it is discovering.

interlinking in seoHence the main purpose of the interlinking is to make the Google crawlers and the users to easily navigate to the other pages within the website.

Give Importance to User first

While doing the interlinking, make sure you give more importance to the users first than the search engines,

Give the links to the other pages in the same domain which make some sense.

Don’t give meaningless links in the motive of making the Google Bots to navigate to the other pages, It should be taken into account, but Users should be given first priority while linking.

Anchor Text:

Anchor text is the hyperlink or the link text which is pointing to some other web pages on the same domain. Anchor text should be relevant to the page that it is linking to.

interlinking to boost seoUsers will spend more time on your website only if they are taken to the right pages via interlinking, Also,

Anchor text helps the Google Bots to identify about the content that is present in the particular web page.

Internal links for effective Crawling:

Give as many as internal links you can, This will help the Google Bots to navigate to all the other pages in your website and effectively crawl them.

Internal links will help the Google Crawlers to find the new pages in your website and index them.

Crawling and indexing is the important thing to consider in SEO.

Though the XML Sitemap contains the URL’s of all the pages present in the site, Internal links will help the Google Bots to index them more effectively.


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