Purpose of Internal Linking for SEO in 2018

Internal Linking in SEO 2018

Internal linking in SEO is the most commonly known and easy understandable topic. In many ways, when you do proper internal linking in your website, it will give a great positive reflex action in Google Search Results. So, internal linking of a website must have proper structure, relevant and meaningful to the users. Here, let me explain all about internal linking, which must know when you’re trying to grow your business website.

Purpose of Internal Linking:

The importance of Internal linking in a website is increasing higher every day. Since Google often updates its algorithm, they will not elaborate everyone with what is the update is all about, though people expect to happen in that way, Google feels it as spoon feeding. The basic understanding of the algorithm update is to enhance the quality of the search results by evaluating each website. This process includes each and every factor you learnt about SEO. There is a clue that, instead of providing links in the footer/header of a website, one can do daily blogging and give meaningful contextual links within the website.

The purpose of internal linking varies with regards to the situation. Now, we are about to discuss on two major motive of internal linking in the website.

  1. Better User Experience – User Perspective
  2. Index and Rank – Search Engine Perspective

User Experience and Internal Linking in SEO

  • Better User Experience –  User Perspective:

    • The very common motive of internal linking is to provide a better user experience in the name of providing additional value to the content.
    • For an instance, when a user enters into the website for reading about a topic, where the topic itself will have subtopic which needs separate space to be elaborated clearly. In such case, a blogger will publish them as a separate article and provide a link between the two web pages for a better experience.
    • When the day passes, instead of doing it in that way, people started to provide value-added content from one basic content with each contextual links from the main topic.
  • Index and Rank – Search Engine Perspective:

    • The Process of Search Engine Algorithm is to crawl each and every URL within the website which are submitted as a sitemap for crawling.
    • When people got to understand this behaviour, they start to internal between the new webpage and old webpage, so indexing process will take a longer time and crawler-bot stays within the website.
    • It happens to be one of the major strategy followed by most of the SEO person to rank in Google Search Engine Results page. Yet, Google stands that their search user experience is always the first preference. So, improper way of internal linking may lead to bad quality of link structure in a website.


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