Different ways to Protect your website from Hackers!

We have been using WordPress to develop amazing website for our high profile clients and it’s extremely important to ensure that they are safe and secure. In this article, we will discuss about different techniques to secure our WordPress website.

Simple way to secure your site:

Before jumping into advanced settings and configurations, let’s start with simple techniques. Below are couple of recommended WordPress Security Plugins in the market (completely free):

  1. WordFence Security
  2. iThemes Security
  3. Bullet Proof Security

Above names sound more common? Yeah! Everyone uses the security plugins. But, it’s about giving the right plugin to the right site with right configurations.

Perfect Security Setup:

Out of the above 3 popular plugins, I would recommend WordFence plugin. The main reason is, it’s simple to use and has a Web Application Firewall in place. This helps us to protect the website from lot of potential security holes in the website.

Added advantage for WordFence is that it has automatic update system which enhances security with latest updates from WordFence. The only feature that wordfence stays back is the Custom Login URL, which can be acheived with a small plugin from WordPress.

Another recommended method:

If you are delivering the website to a client and if you would like to stay relax, just enable only port 80 access on server and block all other connections. Stop the access of CMS towards writing files on your Server. All files must have “read-only” access. This ensures that no possible changes can be made to the website, even if CMS has vulnerabilities.

SSL – A good choice!

Having an SSL Certificate is always good. Below is a 5 minutes video on “How to setup SSL” that I have published on YouTube:


Professional Support?

If you have to focus on Work, get professional support to secure your website. Get in touch with ClickDo for the best Protection from Hackers!

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