4 SEO Time Wasting Activities You’re Doing

SEO Time Wasting Activities

So you’re doing SEO.

Well, guess what?

You’re probably doing these SEO time wasting activities.

In this post, I’m going to be exposing these time wasting activities so you can cut them out and…

…focus on the activities that will get you results.

Let’s dive straight into this…

Creating a lot of content


You might be sitting there thinking, “Isn’t creating a lot of content going help my SEO?”

Well, it all depends on…

…the kind of content you’re creating.

If you’re creating thin and linear posts, this will not help you rank.


Creating a ton of thin posts won’t do anything for you except make your website look like it’s got a lot of content.

Make sure you focus on posts that have a big word count and lots of content.

Not doing keyword research but still creating content

With keyword research, you want to hit a target.

If you’re not doing keyword research… you must be new to SEO.

Or at least I hope.

Because if you’ve been doing SEO for years and still don’t do keyword research

…you’re missing out on a ton of traffic.

Not doing keyword research is like shooting in the dark…. you don’t know what you are and not hitting.

Make sure you do the correct keyword research to get the most out of your content and time.

Plan how you’re going to monetize


We all know how the saying goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.

You need to plan how you’re going to monetize your website.

  • Will you be an affiliate?
  • Will you be doing the rank and rent method?
  • How about CPA marketing?

You need to figure out how you’re going to monetize your site before you create it.

Sure, you can add monetization later on with your site, however…

Planning this beforehand will save you a ton of headaches because you did the planning upfront.

Trying to learn SEO all by yourself

learn seo

This is one of the biggest time wasting mistakes during my entire SEO career.


Because I thought I could learn SEO all by myself.

You can do this, but…

When you try to learn SEO, you don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong…

There’s so much outdated information out there it’s insane.

I fell victim to this and it ended-up wasting so much of my life.

I would recommend you get a course that’s proven to help you rank.

Go ahead and check out the SEO Blueprint by the ClickDo SEO experts.

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