SEO to SEM transition: Why SEM will take you a long way in 2017 and beyond

SEO has been dominating many industries in the past! Including the field of SEO is now taken over by SEM. Yes, you read it correct. This is a transaction phase in the Digital world. Are you still confused?

Let me give some examples in which SEM is taking over the entire Niche!

Flight Ticket Booking

Have you ever booked a Flight ticket without an Ad? More than 90% of Flight ticket bookings are influenced by Ads and SEM rules the Niche. Have you ever booked a Flight ticket through Organic Rankings? Let us know if you have done any!

SEM Drives Brand Value

2016 is about to end and we have seen lot’s of brands doing PPC Ads for their brand name to ensure that the users who search for their “Brand Name” finds their own website. In recent days, the competition is so high that some business owners place Ads for their competitors “brand name”

SEM has a bright future in 2017 and beyond

In 2017, the possibility of getting conversions with SEM and SEO Combined will lead the show. Even today, lot of SEO Service providers include SEM as a part of the deal to ensure that the clients get best results at the earliest. At ClickDo, we offer SEM Maintenance and support for big brands that dominate their industry! Technically, it’s eating the market strategy.

Why you need personalized support?

Did I say personalized support? Yes, its hard to find. But, with ClickDo Support team, you get the best and tailored service based on your Business needs. We have people working round the clock to ensure you get best results in SEO and SEM Combined.

Get in touch with us now to get personalized support.

Domain Expertise in Client Industry

To perform SEM and SEO Combined, the service provider must have complete knowledge about the industry or target audience. This ensures that the money is spent in the right direction. At ClickDo, we spend almost 2 weeks in client industry research and data collection activities. This helps us to understand the client site industry terminologies and enhances understanding of SEM + SEO Objectives!

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