Run your PPC Campaign Successfully, some tips!

Some Tips for a Successful PPC Campaign

#1 Doesn’t always convert the best!

Are you pushing your Ads to the Golden #1 Spot all the time? This will be a huge mistake and you’ll definitely regret later if your niche belongs to the category where #1 doesn’t work all the time. It may sound strange but thats how PPC works. If you are steadily push your ads with maximum Bid price towards the top spot, you have the possibility of getting more clicks that just bounce away. You have to play the manual CPC game and rank between position 2 and 3 to get the maximum conversions from the Ads that you place on SERPs.

The Game of “Time and Bid Price”

Monday morning’s are always considered the peak time! But, its about the cost per conversion that decides if the campaign is successful or not in the competitive world. We at ClickDo, target the times where CPC are low and get the best deals for your business by taking over the market that gives lowest cost per conversions. We achieve this by studying a lot about the Niche / Business to a level that our competitors haven’t even thought about!

Re-Targeting / Re-Marketing

Again, it depends on the Niche. If the user is looking for an Emergency service, there is no point in Re-targeting / Re-Marketing. But, it would work extremely well for e-commerce business and SAAS Niches. In the recent days, we have “One click” installs to enable re-marketing and re-targeting as long we put our CC to the vendor 😉

Facebook Pixel

This is a cool piece of code that can be integrated to any blog / website to enable re-marketing on Facebook. With this technology in place, you can laser target the people who visit your website (or) showcase ads by users who has performed a specific activity on your website. For example, if the user is landing on your website from Ads (to a specific Landing page), we shall keep pushing ads on Facebook to make the conversion happen.

Stay tuned! More details on Facebook Pixel is coming soon!

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