What is Trust Flow And Citation Flow in SEO

Trust Flow And Citation Flow in SEO

SEO is getting wider day by day with it’s factors to cope up with the algorithm and understand the outcome through different metrics. Though it is tough to determine the factors to rank in search results, experts left some metrics that can help you to understand how well is your website performing when compared to your competitors. Today, let’s breakdown two new metrics that evolved in recent years and put them in simple words at the level of newbie’s understanding. Trust Flow and Citation flow in SEO.

  • Trust Flow
  • Citation Flow

Trust Flow:

Trust = Quality.
The trust flow determines the quality of the backlinks from the refer domain. If a domain has trustworthy and authority backlinks to it, then that domain will have a good trust flow. To be said, these metrics are calculated based on the backlinks to a website. When a website has high trust flow, it shows the website has good quality of backlinks, so that can boost to rank on top of Google Search Results. Meanwhile, one has to understand, even-though you’re conscious on getting only quality backlinks, you can never avoid getting backlinks from low quality websites or directories that are auto generated by the websites.


Citation Flow:

Citation = Influence.
Citation flow determines the influence of a websites, where it doesn’t consider the quality of a backlinks. To put in very simple words, citation flow directly means the how many different domains are referring (influencing) a website. If there are many domains referring to a website, then the influence will be higher so, that will reflect on the citation flow metrics. Influence can occur when there is an interest towards your website/blog.

Q: Why you should bother of TF and CF in SEO?

A: At end of the day both are just metrics to understand how well it is performing.

Q: Which One is Better Trust Flow or Citation Flow?

A: One can’t be left out while considering the other, since both co-relate with each other. Increase in citation flow CAN increase Trust flow of the website only when the number of referring domains are of high quality.

Q: TF or CF – Which one will be higher?

As already said, it is difficult to get all the backlinks as quality backlinks. So, trust flow number cannot overtake citation flow at most of the scenarios.

Q: How you can increase Trust Flow and Citation Flow of a website?

Trust Flow can be increased when there is good number of organic traffic and quality

Citation Flow can be increased when there is more number of referring domains to a website.


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