How having own blog will help you earn more in 2020?


Well, 2018 is done already, it’s time for you to plan something for 2020 now and lead a happy life. Starting a blog today will help you to work from anywhere and earn more in the future.

earn more with bloggingWhy Starting a Blog is Important?

Starting a blog will help you grow in many ways. Choose the domain in which you have more interest and knowledge.

This will make you work more enthusiastically and explore the skills in it.

Choose the industry in which you have more knowledge. Register a domain and host it at the cheap price at SeekaHost.

Start updating the blog with daily contents and try to keep the users engaged with your blog or website.

How Blogging will help you earn in 2020?

start a blog for 2019Once you drive decent traffic to your website from Google, then you can monetize your blog and start earning.

Driving traffic organically for the new website is not an easy task.

Update the site with quality content, do regular social media shares, keep the users engaged.

This will increase the authority of your site on Google and will help the web page to rank for some potential terms.

This will increase the traffic of your website organically.

You can apply for Google Adsense with the organic traffic data and can start earning.

Google will approve your request only if you have quality content which adds value to the users and a good amount of organic traffic.

Start a blog today!

If you are interested in writing more quality content, then you can start two to three blogs and can work in it.

2019 start a blogYou need to look into many factors before starting a blog.  Registering a new domain and start publishing blogs will make some time to rank on Google SERP.

When you start a new website, Google initially puts in a Sandbox to understand what the website is actually about.

Usually, you can skip this Sandbox time by either buying an old domain with Good authority.

Ensure that the old domain which you are planning to buy contains very less spam score, good domain authority and page authority, good volume of backlinks from the reputed sites, etc.

Choose the domain which is relevant to the platform that you are going to start the blog.

There are many online sources available to choose and buy an expired old domain with good authority.

All that you need to do is that analyze the website very well before buying it.

Once you own a website, start publishing quality blogs daily. Publish up to two or three blogs daily and increase the authority of the site online.

start a blog for 2019Having more blogs alone will not help you to rank in the top of Google, You should have quality content with the proper internal links, On-Page SEO, etc.

Always don’t depend on the one blog, try to own three to four blogs and update them regularly. Even if one doesn’t perform well, the other will do.

When your blog receives the recommended amount of traffic from Google, Then you can start accepting paid guest posts in your blogs and start earning through that.

Lots of bloggers are available who are ready to contribute contents to the well-performing blogs, you can outreach to them and keep your blog up to date with the latest contents.

By 2020, plan to start at least three or four blogs and spend daily at least 2 hours to update quality contents in them. This will help you to earn more in the upcoming days.

Over the period of time, this will turn into a big online money making platform.

Just be strategic in what you do and start earning online.

Learn SEO from and start optimizing the blogs.

This will help you to rank easily on Google SERP and drive more traffic.

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