PPC Google AdWords: If you even rank #1 organically!

Yes, you read it correct. You can increase the number of leads you get from your business website if you do PPC and if you rank #1 in Organic SERPs. At ClickDo, we deliver the best Organic ranking for our clients in the most strategic way. In the recent days, I tested doing PPC for clients who are ranking Organically on Top of SERP’s. The results are just awesome.

analyse-your-website-performance-in-adwords-clickdoWhen you are ranking #1 in Organic Results!

  • Why it’s the best time to Boost Brand Awareness?

  • How PPC can bring more Sales?

  • How I do PPC at ClickDo

  • Importance of being at Top with High Quality Score for lowest CPC

When you are ranking at #1 Position on Google SERP’s, it’s the best time to get started with PPC. Let me give some quick insights on the above.

Why it’s the best time to Boost Brand Awareness?

We at ClickDo, rank #1 for Keywords like “SEO Agency in London”. Every business owner who is in need of Quality SEO Service, they would skip the Ads and check the organic result. The reason is simple, they want their business to rank organically as well.

If we do PPC and Promote our website at #1 Spot (in Ads) as well as Organically, it create a huge authority for the Brand and it increased the conversion and number of leads.

How PPC can bring more Sales?

This is a good question that most of the business owners ask, especially when they are ranking #1 in Google SERPs. Organic rankings DO NOT work for some industries like “taxi in london” or “taxi from heathrow airport”. Only Ads dominate. This is also applicable for industries like “hotels”.

Google’s algorithms are smart and they capture the pricing information for Booking engines and present them directly on SERP’s. Hence, you would definitely require PPC to bring more Sales.

How I do PPC at ClickDo

I do PPC for clients who are ranking Organically #1 with the help of our SEO Services. Usually, I invite clients to my Skype and we have 1 hour session every week to ensure that the Ads are running smoothly and which Ads convert better for their business. The results always differ from One industry to other. Our USP is dedicated customer support and conversion oriented PPC Strategies.

Importance of being at Top with High Quality Score for lowest CPC

In Adwords, quality score matters a lot! Having better quality score always reduces the CPC. Which in turn saves a lot of money for the entire PPC Campaign. Quality scores are calculated based on:

  1. Landing Page
  2. Ads Experience
  3. Bid Price

You can force Any Ad to be at #1 Spot if you are ready to spend a lot of money by placing crazy Bid price which your competitors cant afford. But, if you want to reduce the CPC, you must have a better Ads experience and Good landing page.

I will share more techniques on Ads Optimization and Landing page optimization in the future posts. Stay tuned!

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