Quora Marketing Strategies for Traffic Growth (Tips)


In this post, I’m going to be showing you the best Quora marketing strategies for traffic growth and brand awareness.

Quora may be the most underrated platform today for marketing.

You can drive a ton of views to your YouTube channel with it and build an epic brand.

I have personally done really well with Quora.

To be honest…

…it’s actually really hard to drive traffic to your website with Quora.

Not many people will click through your links.

After creating a ton of posts on Quora and getting nearly 300,000 views on just one of my accounts…

…looking at the Google analytics, not many people went to my site through the Quora platform.

What should I use Quora for?


I would recommend using Quora for 2 things…

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Driving traffic to your YouTube channel.

You may be thinking, “How come you can get a lot of views from Quora to your YouTube channel but not websites?”

You see, YouTube videos can easily be embedded on Quora answers and it’s easy for users to watch YouTube videos.

They don’t need to leave the platform to do it.

How do I use Quora to drive traffic to YouTube videos


It’s super straightforward.


You need to create an authoritative and legit looking Quora account.

You don’t want a Quora account that looks like it’s full of spam… and adds no value.

Keep this in mind: The more value you add to Quora, the more you get out.

It’s kinda like a bank… you need to invest first and then get your money out.

Go ahead and fill out the…

  • Profile picture
  • Bio
  • Credentials
  • Knows About

The profile picture can be an image of you or your company logo.

Make sure you carefully craft the bio. You want people to recognize you as an authority in that topic.

Fill out the “Knows About” section. This is literally just adding the things you know about.

Here’s what my profile looks like…


I went a step further and linked back to my blog.

Let’s move on to the next part and answer some questions…

In the Quora search bar, type in something that you have created a YouTube video about.

For example, I’ve created a YouTube video on how to rank on Google.

quora search results

Next, go ahead and click a relevant question and answer it!

Make sure the answer is helpful and actually… answers the question.

Don’t think to yourself, “What’s in it for me?”

Try to genuinely help people.

When you answer the question, make sure to write a little about the question and then paste in your YouTube link.

My answer looks like this…


How do you get your answers ranked above the other answers on Quora?

It’s actually pretty simple…

To rank on Quora, make sure your answer is longer than the other answers, it’s helpful advice and get’s upvoted.

And there you have it.

This is how you drive high-quality traffic to your YouTube videos and grow.

How do I use Quora to build my brand?

It’s actually really straightforward for you to build your brand on Quora.

You build your brand on Quora by answering lots of questions.

That’s it!

I know… it’s really simple but that’s how you do it.

You see, when you answer questions, your name and image will also be there.

So as time goes on, people will keep seeing your brand and they’ll get familiar with you.

They’ll see you as an authority in that subject.

Quora Hack


You’re probably thinking, “Oh my God! I’m going to have to write so much content to create my brand on Quora!”

You’ll be pleased to know there’s no need to kill yourself creating a ton of content.


You can copy and paste the content from your blog onto the Quora answers.

Use quotations marks (” “) and link back to the content you copied from.

That’s it!

You’ve got a ton of great blog posts on your website, why not make the most out of them?

Find questions on Quora that your blog posts answer.

For example, if you’ve got an anime blog and you did a blog post on the “Top 10 Anime of All Time”.

You could find questions on Quora like:

  • “What are the top 10 anime?”
  • “What are the top 5 anime?”
  • “What are the best anime shows of all time?”
  • “Which anime shows should I watch if I’m new?”
  • “What’s your favorite anime show?”

You could rack up a crap ton of views with this simple strategy.

Check out one of my Quora accounts…

Quora answer views

I literally just took a screenshot of this profile whiles I’m writing this post.

I don’t remember the last time I wrote an answer on this profile but it’s still racking views.

Once you’ve posted a decent amount of answers, they’ll keep getting views as time goes on.

You’ll notice a snowball type effect.


So these were the best Quora marketing stratedgies for traffic and building your brand.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and this will help with your SEO since you’re creating links.

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