How to get started with SEO for a Brand new website?



Many people want to know how to do SEO for a new website on this 12 steps guide Fernando shows how to do SEO for a new WordPress website.

Search Engine Optimization is the way of optimizing the contents present on the website and making them easily crawlable by Google.

The ultimate aim of the SEO is to rank the website higher on Google’s Search Engine Results Page for the user’s search query.

Here let’s see on how to get started with SEO for a brand new website.

1.Content & On Page:

The first and the most important thing to look upon is the content present in the web pages. Make sure that the content is unique and not copied from any other source.

seo for new websiteNext, you can get started with the On-Page optimization, That is optimizing the title tags, meta descriptions, URL, meta keywords, etc. Also, you should focus on adding alt text to the images, internal linking, etc.

Make sure to complete the On-Page SEO perfectly before moving into the Off-Page optimization.

2.XML Sitemap Creation & Submission:

Once the On-Page issues are fixed perfectly. Then its time for you to integrate the Google Search Console & the Google Analytics with the website.

Create the XML sitemap for your website, this sitemap will contain all the URL’s that is present in your webpage. Next, submit the XML sitemap to Google using the Search Console.

Make sure the sitemap contains no errors and also it is easy for the Google bots to crawl and index the web pages.

get started with seo3.Off-Page SEO:

Once you fix all the On-Page issues right from the content to the page speed, then you can move into Off-Page optimization. Off-Page works mainly involve building high authority backlinks to the website.

You should try to build the links from the sites which is relevant to your niche. Avoid building a bunch of links from the same website. Google gives more priority to the quality of the links than the quantity.

Thus these are the organized ways in SEO which you can try for the brand new website and make it rank on SERP for the potential terms.

We’ve covered all the 32 steps to rank any website higher on Google.

You can also join the online SEO academy and learn how to do SEO for a new website.

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3 Simple Hacks to build the natural backlinks to the website


Backlinking is the core factor of Off-Page SEO. Having quality backlinks from the high authority websites will help you to improve the ranks of your website.

Here let’s see some simple ways to build the quality and natural backlinks to the website.

build natural backlinksUse Forums to build links:

There are many question-answer forums in online like Quora, Fixya, etc. You can use these mediums to build the natural links to the website.

Mostly the links will be No-Follow backlinks from these Forum sites.

Though the links are No-Follow, these links will help you get more traffic and will also look more natural in view of Google.

Use Infographic Submission Sites:

You can create the Infographics related to your business and can submit them on the online mediums.

Submitting the Infographics in mediums like Flickr,, etc will help you get high authority backlinks to your website.

Sharing the quality content in the Infographics will make the users to engage with your posts.

More than the text content, Media files tend to keep the users engaged with your web page.

paid guest post backlinksPublish Guest Posts:

Guest Posting is the way of publishing your own content in other high authority website and getting links from that particular site.

Finding the good websites and outreaching to the site owners directly is one of the ways to publish your guest posts.

Also, you can get in touch with digital marketing companies like ClickDo to find the best sites for you and publish the guest posts.

We at ClickDo own more websites in many verticals and we do accept paid guest posts in them.

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We will help you publish your posts on high authority websites. This is one of the natural way of building links to your website.

How Media Content make users to Engage with your Website?


Having quality text content alone will not help the users to spend more time on your website,

You should have some media content like Infographics, Video’s in your webpage to make the users engage with your website.

Here let’s see some smart ways of making the users to spend more time on your website.

engage users with websiteEmbed Infographics:

Infographics are the visual representation of any data. This will help the users to understand the concepts better.

Having Infographics in your web pages will make the users to spend more time on your website.

Also, submitting Infographics in the platforms like Flickr, Visually, Pinterest, Photobucket, etc will help you to get an SEO boost.

Thus having Infographics will help you in both the On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

You can use the Infographics for building quality links to the website, whereas when it comes to On Page, it helps you to make the landing users spend more time.

Add Video Content:

Add videos about the products/services that you are offering. Create a YouTube channel for your business and regularly publish videos.

media content in webpagesJust embed the YouTube video links in the web pages.

This will help the users to engage more time on the website and also you can get more reach on YouTube as well.

Just try to do some videos like product review videos, How to do videos, etc. This will make you to get more subscribers from YouTube and follow your brand.

When the users land on your website from Google, the media content in the website like videos and Infographics will make them to stay on the website for time, Indeed reducing the bounce rate.

Populating the Infographics and the videos in the official social media pages will help you get more brand reach online.

engage users with media contentMake the Text Content Better:

Just don’t add the contents in long paragraphs. This will not make the users to read the content.

Add more bullet points in the content and always have more subheadings in the content.

Make the content look more simple and provide the information what the user is looking for.

Mostly bounce rate of the site increases due to the irrelevant information provided on the web page.

Hence make sure that you provide the content what the user is actually searching for.

Thus making the users engage more time with your website will help you to reduce the bounce rate and then improve the ranks on the SERP.

How Engaging Users will Improve your Ranks?

engage users in websiteGoogle uses the RankBrain algorithm to monitor the user behaviour on the SERP and to adjust the ranks of the web pages on the SERP based on that.

Dwell time is one of the ranking signal used by the Google RankBrain. Dwell time is the time duration which the users spend on your website when they land from SERP.

Making the users spend more time in your website will reduce the bounce rate and will increase the dwell time as well.

Having good dwell time will act as a good ranking signal for your website and will help you to get a good SEO Boost on the SERP.

Being an SEO Consultant, you should give importance to landing page design, Also you should have some plan to engage users in the website. Having only the quality text content is will not help you to engage users more time in the website.

Being a business people, you should provide relevant information what the users are looking for and should make them regularly visit your website.

These are some smart ways to make the users engage more time with your website.


How to Choose an SEO friendly domain name to build your website and get SEO advantages?


Everyone will think a lot before choosing an SEO friendly domain name for your business website, Is the domain name has an impact on SEO? Literally not, But it helps to improve the ClickThrough Rate  (CTR) of the Website in the Google SERP.

The main thing in choosing the best domain registrar to register SEO friendly domain name is that it will make the users recognize the brand and click on the link in SERP to visit your webpage.

choosing seo friendly domain nameBranded Domain Names:

If your brand has more reach among the target audience, then having the branded domain name will help you get more clicks on the SERP.

Branded domains names are easily available and you can choose the extension like .com or .org based on your nature of the business.

Keyword targeted Domains:

If you are starting a new brand which has no exposure among the target audience, then you can choose the service/product based domain names.

Usually, this kind of domain names will not be easily available. Having this type of domain name will make the users easily understand about the services that you are offering.

seo friendly domain nameLocal Domains:

If your business is based on the local audience, then you can choose the domain name which contains your location along with the brand name.

Having the location-based domain names will help you to get more clicks from the local audience when ranked well on SERP.

Domain Length & Extensions:

Usually, domain length doesn’t matter in the SEO But having the short length domain names will help you get more clicks.

choosing the domain nameYou can choose the extensions based on the location or the domain of your business. It will help the users to understand better about your business.

Thus these are some of the very few things which you should consider before choosing the domain name for your website.

Though it doesn’t have a big impact on the SEO, it will help you get more clicks to your website.

How to rank the domain faster?

Well, if you are planning to start a blogging website, then your aim is to rank the domain for the more potential keywords at a quick time. Here if you choose the new domain name or a fresh domain, then the time to rank the websites will usually be high.

Generally, Google will put the new domain in the sandbox for nearly six months to understand what the website is actually about.

In the sandbox period, usually, your website will be not visible to most of the user. Google will take a certain time to understand your domain and will start showing them on the SERP’s for the target users.

Usually, if you are trying to start a new blogging website, then you can skip this sandbox time by buying the domain which is seo friendly domain nameolder for nearly 1 year or more.

By choosing the domains which are old will help you to rank for the keywords very easily.

Another advantage about choosing the old domain is that domain authority will be high whereas if you start the new domain then the authority starts from zero.

The main thing you should consider before buying an old domain is that, check whether it is spam free, contains backlinks from the good authority websites, etc. Read about expired domains for PBNs at PBN Guru.

Choosing the domain with a good volume of backlinks, high domain age and with the better domain authority will make your job easier to rank the web pages on Google more easily.

But this method will not eventually suitable for business websites, as you will be registering a new domain in the name of your brand.

In this case, you can update the site with the quality content, build quality backlinks and increase the authority of the website gradually.

Thus these are some of the smart tips to choose the best SEO friendly domain name.

How to keep the users engaged with your website for more time?


Driving traffic to the business website can be done by ranking the website in top of the Google SERP for the potential terms, But the big deal is to keep the users engaged with your website.

Here let’s see some smart ways of making the users to engage with your website for more time. This will help you to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

keep the users engaged with your websiteCreate Engaging Content:

Adding only the text content won’t keep the users engaged, It’s always important to have more media content like Videos, Infographics, etc.

Try to represent the text contents in the Infographics and other forms, This will make the users to spend more time on your website.

Create Popups:

Make sure to create the pop-ups on your website. This popup should make the user subscribe to the site. Later you can use the E-Mail list and outreach the customers.

E-Mail Outreach about your business will help you to increase the sales by more than 30%

how to keep the users engagedRelated Blogs:

When the user lands on your website from the SERP, you should help the users to navigate to the other related pages in your site.

This can be done by showing the “related posts” below the each and every post. This will help the users to navigate to other related pages more easily.

Try to give more internal links on the posts and pages to the other relevant posts/pages, this will help the users to navigate to the related posts and explore more about your website.

Interlinking will also help the Google Crawlers to discover the new pages and index them.

Add “How To Do” videos:

google rankbrainAdd more video content in your web page, this will make the users to stick with your website for a long time. Also, it has been found that videos tend to make 50% more conversion than the normal content.

Don’t upload the videos directly to the webpage, Upload the videos to the YouTube Channel and embed the links to the webpage.

Uploading the videos directly to the webpage will increase the page loading time.

Thus these are some of the smart ways to increase the user’s session on the website. Thus keep the users engaged and reduce the bounce rate.

Advantages of Engaging the Users More Time in the Website:

Google uses the RankBrain AI to monitor the user behaviour on the SERP’s and modify the ranks of the web pages on the SERP based on that.

Dwell time is the main factor in the Google RankBrain algorithm, Dwell time is the time duration spent by the user in your website when they visit from the Google SERP.

If your website has more dwell time, then Google’s RankBrain will think that there is more potential content present in your engage users in the website for more timewebsite and hence will give a rank boost to your website.

Hence, as a Website owner, you should always try to engage the users more time on your website. This will help you to improve the ranks of your webpage on the Google SERP.

Making the users to spend more time in your website in turn will reduce the bounce rate of the website as well.

Not only creating the quality and unique text contents will make the users to stay on your website for more time.

You should add more media files like Video, Infographics, Images, etc to make the users stay on your website for a long time.

Hence as an SEO Consultant, you should follow these simple smart ways to improve the ranks of your web pages on Google SERP.

Get in touch with ClickDo if you would like to design a landing page which will help you get more conversions and engage the users for more time in the website.



Smart way to notify users about the latest Updates in your Blogs


When you own a blog, then the ultimate aim should be generating more traffic to your website organically. Here let’s see the organic ways of notifying the users if you publish any latest blogs.


By using the, you can notify the users of your website about the latest blogs that is published in your website, This tool is completely free and can be integrated to any site.

How works?

When you integrate this to your own website, it will show a small notification in your webpage when the new user lands. It will ask the permission from the user that whether the latest updates can be notified to them or not.

notify users about blog updates

This pop-up will appear when the user lands on the website, If the user accepts this, then you can send them the notifications about the latest updates in your site. Also, the user has the option to unsubscribe later if they wish to do so.

How to Increase Traffic?

As the allows you to notify the users about the latest updates, you can drive more traffic if you use it in a strategic way.

You should not notify the users daily with your updates and the other stuff, You should plan yourself and you should notify them weekly twice or thrice with really the potential information.

notify users about updates

Also, by using the, you can check the stats like number of subscribers, number of clicks, CTR, etc. This will help you to trigger the users in the future more effectively. tool currently compatible with the Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android. Thus its time to unwrap the latest technology and increase the subscriber to your website.

This technique will help you to increase the traffic organically. This method suits well for the blogging sites and for E-Commerce sites too.

Integrating with Website:

You can integrate the with the website by using the WordPress plugin, Google Tag Manager, etc. Even if you do the website updates with the help of developers, then there is an option to E-Mail the installation instructions directly to the developers.

Overall, there are lots of options available to integrate the with your website and get more reach for your daily posts and updates.

Here let’s see the steps involved in integrating in the WordPress

  • Signup to and create an account in it.
  • Log in to the WordPress dashboard and in the plugin section, click on to add a new plugin
  • Search for “” and install “Subscribers – Free Web Push Notifications”
  • Click on Install now and install the plugin to the website
  • Activate the plugin and now move to the dashboard
  • Under installation get the id for your website and update the id in the website.
  • Now click on verify in the
  • Now the code is properly integrated in the website and you will have full access over it.

Initially, to get started with, you need not go with the paid version. By using free version, you can accept up to 200 subscribers. Once you reach the limit then you can switch to the paid version.

This is supported in most of the browsers like chrome, firefox, etc. Once integrated properly, you can have full control over it. That is you can see how many new subscribers you have got, list of users who have unsubscribed from the list, number of users who have clicked on the popup to visit your website, etc.

If you have more subscribers in your list, then you can even increase the traffic your site by using this Being an SEO Consultant you should focus on these kind of smart ways to generate traffic to your website.

SEO Tips for optimizing the new websites


SEO is the organic way of ranking the web page in the top search results of Google for the user searched query. There are many factors behind the web page rankings on the SERP.

Here let’s see some SEO tips for optimizing the brand new website.

Content is King:

Content is the backbone of all the top ranking quality websites. Google loves to rank the web pages with the quality content. Update the site with the evergreen contents which makes the users to engage with your website for more time.

Notseo for brand new website only the text content, Add more media files like Infographics, Video files, etc.

Try to embed the YouTube video link related to the content. This will make the users to spend more time on your website.

Architecture of the site:

Help both the users and the Google crawlers to easily navigate through the different web pages present on your website.

Implement Breadcrumbs and also do more internal linking between the relevant pages,

More internal links in the website will help the users to discover more useful content for them. This will also reduce the bounce rate of the website by making the users to navigate to other pages.

Make Mobile Friendly:

seo for new websitesThe search queries for Google from the mobile devices are more than the desktop devices.

Hence Google has started giving more importance to the mobile-friendly websites.

Even if you have quality content in your website, Only the mobile-friendly websites tend to rank on the top of the SERP.

Hence optimize the website for the mobile responsiveness.

Off Page SEO:

When you make the On-Page perfect of your brand new website, Then its time to move into Off-Page works.

Backlinking & Social Media Shares are the important factors of off-Page SEO. When it comes to building links, try to build the links from the relevant high authority sites, This can be done only by guest posts outreaching.


How to drive traffic to your brand new website from Reddit?


Driving traffic to the brand new website is not always an easy task. You need to work on lots of prospects to drive organic traffic to the new website from Google.

drive traffic for websiteHere let’s see some cools ways of driving a decent amount of traffic to your brand new website daily from the Social media platform like Reddit.

To the surprise, Reddit is used by many people around the world to share the useful information and to find some latest trending topics.

How to increase traffic to the website?

Many people are not aware that the Reddit is the powerful medium to get more reach for the website and drive quality traffic to the website.

Use the proper and relevant subreddits to share your content, Make sure you read the rules and regulations of each subreddit before posting it.

Once you violate the rules, you social medias to drive trafficcant post to that particular subreddit.

Once you publish quality content on the Reddit, you will earn Karma points. This will help you in creating your own subreddits.

Find the right subreddits which suit your content and share the link, Publishing the links in the irrelevant subreddits will result in penalizing your account from Reddit.

Once you share the quality contents in subreddits, then you will get more reach than you expect.

Also, you will earn more Karma points which will help you in publishing in high authority subreddits.

Another main thing to note is that once you publish some links on the Reddit, you will get backlinks from Reddit. This will act as the good social signals which will help you in improving the ranks on the Google SERP.

Hence if you have any brand new website and if you find it difficult in generating organic traffic, Then you can use Reddit effectively to drive some potential users to the website.



Best Design Trends For A Website

Best Design Trends For A Website

The best website design is when you have an updated version that makes visitors engage. A design doesn’t stop with looking good, but it needs to be rightly presented with attractive wordings, right information and highlights. Presenting in a way that users must easily understand what the landing page is about to deliver and how well it drives to the next stage of the website. When everything comes under perfect place, then the website itself say a customer to what to do next at every stage, so it helps in user engagement and conversion rate.

Bold Fonts:

The recent trend in typographic styles is fun to utilize for any website. When a big, clear and bold words convey the purpose of the website, then it everything will under one place for the customers. A designer can mellow down to elaborate the content at the later part, but still, the first impression will stand and deliver through bold words.

Typography for website design trends

Sliders and Sidebars End:

Sliders and sidebars are the most mainstream candidates in every website and we can’t blame anyone since it is unavoidable in most places. As the mobile version plays a vital role than desktop, these sliders and sidebars act weird in the mobile version and don’t give the same impact as the latter.

Animations and Single Pages:

Animations are going to rule any websites, as nothing can engage users more than animations. Animations and transition must be smooth since that will add the pleasant feel to the website. Avoid having verification at too many places, as the completely frustrates the flow. Meanwhile have single pages, that deliver only useful and most important information, so the user’s accessibility to the required data will be simple and easy.

conversion with website design trends


We build websites for just one thing to happen for the business – Conversion. Start with imaginary strategies in a way that users will drive into the website with a flow and for accessing such information. Designers after understanding the business, they have turn out as a customer to fit everything at the right place for good conversion rate.

How to increase the domain authority of your website?


Domain authority of a website specifies relevancy of the website to its domain or industry. Domain authority may depend on the various factors of the website. Here let’s see some organic ways to increase the domain authority of the website.

The domain authority of your website purely depends on the contents that you have published, backlinks that your site receives from other sites, social media authority, brand mentions of your website in other high authority sites.

how to increase domain authorityAs an initial step, fully audit your website and fix all the issues that is present in your website,

  • Fix all the On-Page issues
  • Audit your backlinks
  • Increase the social authority
  • Get more brand mentions

Fix All On Page issues:

As an initial step fix all the On-Page issues in your website like Title tag, Meta Description, URL slug, Alt tags for the images, etc.

This will help your website to appear in the top of the search results. Once you fix all the On-Page errors, then move on to the backlinks.

Audit your backlinks:

Once all the On-Page issues are fixed, then audit the backlinks that your website receives from the other domains.

Filter the unwanted or irrelevant links and then remove them. This can be done by disavowing the links. Get links from the high-quality website relevant to your niche.

increase domain authorityIncrease the social authority:

The organic way of increasing the domain authority is by having good social reach.

Publish daily posts in the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, etc. This will help you to increase the domain authority gradually.

Get More Brand Mentions:

Try to get more brand mentions of your website or the link mentions of your website in the other high authority websites.

Having more brand mentions in the relevant websites will help you in increasing the domain authority. No matter whether it is do follow link or the no-follow link, try to get some brand mentions for your website.