4 things that you should not do in SEO

SEO is the technique which should be done in a very strategic way to get the web pages ranked at the top of the Google. Here let’s see some techniques which should not be done.

seo dontsDon’t Spoof Users:

Don’t update the site with the copied content or irrelevant content. Copied or Plagiarized contents will not help you to move your site to the top of the SERP.

When you copy the contents from the other site, then you are actually trying to use the contents which are already indexed by Google.

Don’t Build Irrelevant Links:

Link building is the important Off- Page SEO factor. You should not try to build the links for your website from the irrelevant niche. Also, you should not build the bunch of links from the same site.

Google gives importance to the quality of the links built and not the quantity. Hence try to build links which makes the backlink profile look more natural.

things to avoid in seoDon’t Stuff the Keywords:

Usually, many people try to stuff the keywords in the web page and try to rank for some potential terms. Stuffing Keywords or adding the invisible text in the site will not help you any more to rank.

Despite, this will reduce the authority of the website and will result in rank drops.

Avoid Keyword rich Anchors:

The main part of the backlinking is the usage of proper anchor text. Don’t use the direct keyword rich anchors. Too many backlinks with the keyword rich anchors will make the links look more artificial.

Use the brand anchors, naked links or the anchors which are relevant to the target keyword. This will make the links look more natural.

These are some of the negative signs for SEO and hence you should not try these things by any means in SEO.