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How to take data driven decisions for your business with the help of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the website analytics platform offered by Google to help the site owners to find some useful data like traffic to their website, source of traffic, unique page views, average session duration, etc.

Now let’s see about how to make data-driven decisions for your business based on the Google Analytics data. By planning strategically for your business based on the Google Analytics data, you can increase the sale/conversion rate.

What Insights should you gather from Google Analytics?

business decisions with google analyticsWhen you are running the business which is fully dependant on the online sales. Then you should monitor the Google analytics in a very serious manner and should take decisions based on that.

Try to find out the pages which you recieve more traffic and the pages which have very less traffic,

Make some improvements in the pages which has less traffic and increase the incoming users to the site.

Keep an eye on the bounce rate, Add more media files like videos and infographics to your web page and make the users engage with your website for more time.

This will reduce the bounce rate and will help you improve the ranks as well.

google analytics for businessWhat decision should you take?

If you recieve more traffic to the particular page, but if the sales is very less.

Then you have to plan E-Mail outreach for the users who have visited that page. You should plan strategically and should execute the same.

Show the pop-ups for the users who are landing on the page. Pop-ups in your sites should be pleasing and should make the users to subscribe to your Brand. Later by using the data, you can outreach to them with the offers and can increase the sales.

Thus by using the Google Analytics, you should be capable of taking better decisions which will help to take your business to the next level.

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