Different Outreaching techniques to increase the traffic to the website


If you are owning a blogging site or a business website, there are several techniques available to increase the traffic of the website by outreaching.

Here let’s see some smart ways to bring more traffic to your website.

blog outreaching techniquesE-Mail Outreach:

E-Mail outreach is one of the primary ways to increase the traffic to the site.

As a blogger or the business owner, you should plan well and do the E-Mail outreach.

Sending E-Mails daily will not help the users to engage with your blogs.

Update quality content in your website and send like weekly two potential emails to the users.

This will make the users to follow your blogs regularly and visit the site regularly over the period of time.

You need not spend money in collecting the potential customer’s E-Mail list.

You can set up the attractive Pop-Up’s in your website and start collecting the data from the traffic that you get for your website.

Setup E-Mail Marketing Campaign using SUMO:

Sumo.com helps you to set up different kinds of pop-up in your website for specific pages and gather the user data when they sign up.

Using Sumo, you can also set up the proper attractive autoresponder mail for the users who have subscribed to your website.

Sumo is available in both the free and the paid versions, Free version has only the limited options to work with, Whereas you can full control in the paid version.email marketing campaign

You can also connect the Sumo with the Google Analytics of your website and analyse the website traffic and the submissions.

When you have opted to the paid version of Sumo, you will have more options to create varieties of popup forms, which is not available in the free version.

You can show different kinds of Popup in different pages and also you can restrict the popups from being shown in pages like Cart Page, Contact Us Page, etc.

Exit Popup can be set up easily by using the Sumo, That is the popup will only appear when the user tried to close or exit the website.

email marketing for businessThe main advantage of using the Sumo for the E-Mail marketing Campaign is that it can be connected to Mail Chimp and other similar platforms.

Being a business owner, Planning the perfect E-Mail marketing campaign will help you to increase the sales by more than 40%.

It’s all about having the right kind of popups with some best offers, This will tempt the users to submit their data in order to avail the offer.

Seasonal offers will help you to get more submissions from the users, Always have the short-term offers. Having longterm offers will not mentally make the users to avail the offer immediately.

You need not spend money in collecting the E-Mail list of the potential customers from the other vendors, Instead, you can set up the own campaign and start collecting the data.

different blog outtreaching technqiuesUse Subscribers.com:

Subscribers.com will help you to show notifications in the user’s browser If you publish any new blogs on your site.

By using this platform you can even grow the audience base and track them.

You can track the number of users that you have received for your website from the subscribers.com notification.

This notification popup is supported in most of the browsers like Chrome, Safari, etc.

As mentioned for E-Mail marketing, just send like weekly 2 to 3 notifications to keep the users engaged.

Sending frequent notifications will make the users to unsubscribe from us.

As a blogger or the business owner, you can get in touch with ClickDo to set up the proper E-Mail marketing Campaign.

Just drop a mail to digital@clickdo.co.uk, Our E-Mail Marketing experts at ClickDo will get in touch with you to setup the proper E-Mail outreaching campaigns.


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