Ad Creative Plan and Execution for Branding Campaign

Advertising on Digital Platform is advisable as long as you have a good advertisement concept (aka Strategy) for building your brand on the web. With all this in place, you should choose which platform are you going to use for this branding!

Let’s see the difference in concepts. If the audience is aware about the product or service that you offer, you should opt in for “Google Search Network” as the user is known to search for that particular product or service on the web.

If the audience, on the other hand, is completely unaware about that product or service, you should educate them using Branding and Targeted advertising (if you have the ability to define the audience). Once this is done, the users will automatically search for your brand name rather than the product itself.

One Classic Example:

Xerox is a brand name. Still in many countries people call “Photocopy” as “Xerox Copy”. This is how branding should be done to ensure that the brand is well recognised for that particular product or service.

How to Plan this Branding Campaign?

Planning is not a big deal at all. There are several pre planned templates available on the internet for every niche. But it all depends on how well the planned activity is executed with consistency. With this being said, you will definitely require a professional support to acheive the same.

Example: I have attached the Google AdWords Display Images that we have used for our test branding campaign in UK. Designing such different size banners itself is a tedious task. But, we have invested the time and resources to do the same.

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