Did Google De-Indexed Your site, reasons & recovery solutions

Did Google De-Indexed Your Website? Reason & Recovery Solutions !

Being an SEO consultant, life becomes more difficult when your client site gets de-indexed though you put lots of efforts in making the site to rank on top. It’s a weird feeling when the site de indexes for the unknown reasons. Here are some factors which make the website to be de-indexed by Google.

Domain name validity:

Domain name is the identity of the website where all the SEO works points to. Be aware and make sure that your domain doesn’t get expire. In advance, renew the domain name and save yourself from being in the danger zone.

Domain name expiration will remove the entire site from Google and will drop the sites rankings instantly.

Google De Indexed Your Website

No Index:

This is the common mistake which all website owners make and are not aware of. Every website has an option in it called No Index which will not allow the Google and other search engines to crawl the web page.

If this option is enabled, your web page will be nowhere found on the web though if you put lots of efforts in SEO.

More Outbound Links:

If you provide more outbound links to your website in a short period of time, then Google will think that you are spamming the web by providing more links to other sites (i.e) more paid links and will de-index the website. Be careful while providing external links and be limited.

why website gets deindexed from Google

Website Recovery Tips On Google:

Well, if your website is de-indexed by Google, then there is no point in feeling worried. Analyze the website what went wrong and try to fix the same to bring back the site soon.

If your site is penalized due to some backlinks, then try to disavow the backlinks from the webmaster tools if it not possible to remove it. Thus as an SEO Consultant, you should be aware of this kind of issues and be ready to fix them.