Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2018

Search Engine Optimization is the technique which one should do in a very strategic way to improve the ranks of their website on the SERP, Trying some crooked ways will simply blow up your site from Google resulting in the huge rank drops. Here let’s see some of the common SEO mistakes to avoid in 2018.

Improper Keyword Target:

You can able to achieve the success in SEO only if you chose the right keyword list. Don’t choose the keywords which are not going to bring any conversion to the business.

Don’t consider the keywords which have more search volume as the more potential keyword. It depends on the business, even some keywords which have search volume less than hundred are more important and have a huge competition to rank.

seo mistakes

Don’t Copy The Content:

Avoid using the copied content in your website. Google will boost the ranks of your website only if your site is rich in content. Using the plagiarized content will no more help you to rank well on SERP.

Website Not Optimized For Mobile Devices:

As the number of mobile searches is more when comparing to the number of searches made on the desktop devices. It is more important to optimize the sites to perform well on the mobile devices.

More common mistakes that people do is that they fail to optimize their sites for the mobile devices and they end up in losing the ranks.

Lack Of Image Optimization:

Don’t just focus on optimizing the text content. Give importance to the media files that are present in the web page as well. Optimize the images by reducing the image size, providing the alt tags, etc.

common seo mistakes

Adding the meta information to the images relevant to the content will help you to improve the ranks on the Google SERP very easily.

Thus these are some of the common SEO mistakes that you should avoid in 2018. Optimize the sites well for the frequent updates that are rolled out by Google to make your website perform well on SERP.




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