CDN for your Business Website – Part 1

Introduction to CDN for your Business

CDN (Content Delivery Network) has been into existence for a quite long time. This technology was assumed to be highly expensive and difficult to implement. But, Amazon has completely changed this scenario. Amazon CloudFront has enabled us to Integrate the Content Delivery Network and we pay only for what we use. This article will be a sequence and in the 1st Part, i will outline entire series:

  1. amazon-cloudfront-logoIntroduction to CDN for your Business

  2. Creating an Amazon Web Services Account

  3. Create a CloudFront Distribution

  4. Creating IAM Users with right Access Levels and Security

  5. Configuring CDN with your WordPress website and Testing all Functionalities

  6. Checking Statistics and Usage levels


Below is a video Presentation by Amazon:

However, our series is more focused on integrating Amazon CDN to your existing Web server and not on Amazon S3 Buckets. This integration does not require any kind of migration. It just a “Click to Integrate” System using any popular WordPress Cache plugin.

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