Importance of Breadcrumbs in a Website

Breadcrumb was derived from the fairy tale story in which the two little girls Hansel and Gratel used breadcrumbs as tracks to get back to their home. In websites, breadcrumbs are links that are used to get back to the desired page on a website. It helps one get back to the home page. Let’s now consider how the breadcrumbs play a vital role in ranking of websites.

Significance of Bread Crumbs

Easy Navigation

Breadcrumbs  enables easier navigation to all pages on a website with large amount of content and pages. By providing breadcrumbs for all pages, the users can navigate to all classifications on the website. They exactly show the users where they are currently located in the hierarchy of the site. It is considered to be more useful than a sitemap.

The number of clicks is increased

The users may get frustrated to keep using the back button to return to the main category. To overcome this the breadcrumbs are given, the users can get back to the desired page on just a single click.

Minimal space occupied

As these breadcrumbs are horizontally placed, no much space is utilized on the web page. They are just simple text information links to navigate to the desired pages.

Retains new visitors

When a user logs into the site for the first time, breadcrumbs might attract him/ her as it enables them to trial the webpage at ease. It provokes them to have a view at the topics stated on the breadcrumbs. It eventually minimizes the bounce rate for our site.

Progress SEO

Breadcrumbs enables search engines to have a clear picture of the site construction and its usability to the customers. It enables the SEO to know the page relation and the hierarchy of the website.  If the breadcrumbs contain the relevant keywords, it’s an added advantage for SEO.

Serves to be best anchor text

Rather than stating “click her for more info”, these breadcrumb links give a precise idea of what the particular page is about. Our breadcrumb links should contain phrases that best describes the page information and it should probe the user to click.

On considering the above importance of the breadcrumbs, we now know that breadcrumb has a vital importance in ranking a web page. The above advantages clearly states that breadcrumbs are a key factor for SEO ranking. Try incorporating breadcrumbs navigation on your site and watch yourself rank higher. They’ll improve your usability and meet the inflated user experience. Would you like to have Breadcrumbs for your site? Get in touch with us today!


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