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Monthly SEO Roundup – August 2019

  Welcome to this months SEO roundup. We have found some interesting articles that you might like and can apply to your business. We cover how to optimise your Google My Business, Googles new keyword changes in adwords & the new FAQ rich snippets.   Five Things We Discovered Analyzing 45,000 Google My Business Listings ... Read More

The SEO Techniques That Most Experts Won’t Tell You About

In this day and age of SEO is very turbulent and is very secretive. Oh, I remember well weathered SEO gurus telling me of the golden age of SEO, and how Search Engine Optimization or digital marketing use to be a gold mine for anyone getting into the industry these guys where not content marketers. ... Read More

Is SEO Best Performed In-House or Via Outsourcing?

Many businesses go through a jittery phase when it comes to the decision-making process for implementing the SEO strategies. The main problem lies in the fact that they fail to figure out whether it’s good to recruit a team of professionals (in-house) for the SEO implementation or get it outsourced to a third-party team of ... Read More

Google Rolls Out New Schema – Now Display Data Tables On SERP

Schema Markup is the organic way by using which you can present more additional information about your business website on the Google SERP. Schema Markup will help the Google to fetch additional information about your business and display it on the SERP. The main important thing to note about the schema markup is that it ... Read More

7 Common Mistakes Webmasters do that Harm SEO

In the pursuit of achieving a high SEO, crucial decisions must be made to adapt to frequently changing SEO factors and requirements. Despite the best intentions, these decisions are sometimes wrong and will ultimately harm a page’s SEO. Here are some errors to avoid: Choosing the Wrong Keywords: Keywords are crucial to a website’s SEO, ... Read More

Caution ! Don’t Try this in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a critical game these days, you should be very careful in each and everything that you do for your website in the motive of improving the ranks. Here lets see some common factors which you should not try in SEO by any means. Content Matters: In general, Google loves to rank ... Read More