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Looking for SEO Essex and not sure if you should hire a search engine optimization agency for your company or a freelance SEO expert? Let me help you decide what is best for your local business online marketing via Google and Bing search engines.

There are many SEO agencies that claim they can help with Google advertising but on this web page, I want to show you who is the best when it comes to SEO services in Essex and also how you can get ClickDo experts to optimize your websites for optimal ranks on the web. After all, I just want to help local businesses in Essex rank higher on search engines so that they can be found quickly like me here on this page. Your business can be found by its ideal target customers so that you can make money and keep growing your business.

Why did we decide to offer Essex SEO Services?

Because the only way is Essex and I find TOWIE quite entertaining, I have recently bought a property in Essex. I have lived in London for many years, but now I feel I am ready to live in the countryside near the very famous Brentwood in Essex as well as being closer to the scenic Essex coast and Essex seaside.

I started to meet many people in the area including several local business owners.

I conducted some research in the local Essex area to find out what types of businesses are doing well there especially during the pandemic.

I want to find ways to help local business owners who really need the support to keep going with their business during these tough economic times.

Fish and Chip Shop in Colchester England

Another motivation is that I’m building a new data centre in Essex near Grays for SeekaHost web hosting services.

With this project SeekaHost will be helping thousands of people get online with the UK’s best web hosting services.

After meeting Ben, who is a decorator in Essex helping me with my own property, I learned that he finds clients mainly through word of mouth and he does not even have a website.

So, when I told him about how to easily find clients online, he liked the idea. That made me decide to offer the best search engine marketing services at the most affordable prices in Essex.

Local SEO through Magnifier. Doodle Design.

Should you hire a free SEO consultant or an agency?

To be frank a freelance SEO consultant could give you the best services as they are a small business and will work closely with your business to grow. And a freelancer is more affordable, and I remember in my days as a freelance SEO consultant in London I provided a good SEO services that became increasingly popular. More clients joined my agency and my workload increased and my time was more limited. To be honest I lost many small business clients as I could not give them much time. So, you get what I mean.

At an SEO agency level, they may have more power and contacts when it comes to link building, which is vital for SEO. However, it may be much more expensive to get personalized SEO services from an agency.

You really have to think about your budget and expectations and more than anything talk to them and see if they really care about your business growth. Some companies just look for the revenue for their SEO services and wouldn’t deliver so be cautious.

How can ClickDo SEO experts help?

If you want to get some good SEO advice, contact the skilled ClickDo team or email us for a call back with some advice.

I will live in Essex for a few years so it’s my goal to help local business owners in this country to grow with the most authentic online marketing services.

I see many business owners just burn their money by paying month after month for the wrong SEO providers.

This is spoiling the industry and damaging the business website’s future potential to rank higher on search engines.

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How do we help rank higher on Google?

  1. First, the website must be built well with unique content and perfect On-Page SEO.
  2. For local business websites, we start with citations building services by listing them on UK business directories.
  3. Next, we publish a press release to announce the business to create an awareness on search engines which gives a massive SEO boost.
  4. Link building via guest posting on niche relevant websites and authority blogs is another key strategy. You can email us to see some sample publications we have done to rank at #1 for many of our clients. Read the case studies also.
  5. Time frame: 3 to 6 months to rank and get nonstop inquiries but if you want inquiries from the start then the ClickDo PPC consultant is the best choice in the UK for Google AdWords.

What works best for SEO in Essex?

  • Build a perfect business website with the best On-Page SEO done
  • Do everything mentioned above (point 1 to 5)
  • Start Google/Bing AdWords while doing organic SEO to rank organically on Google and on Bing search engines.

If you follow all the above steps, your website should rank higher organically, and you will get inquiries from ads.

I have built all my businesses with search engine traffic which is then facilitated by social media remarketing.

Want to know more about how my team at ClickDo can help you with Essex SEO services? Then get in touch with us today and you will certainly enjoy how we work to grow your local business in Essex.

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