A Step by Step Guide to Find Expired Domains

Step by step guide to find the Expired Domains

An expired domain is a domain that has been dropped or not been renewed on time before the expiration date. The reason for domain names expires is due to payment, business shutdown, or if the domain owner forgot the renew it.  Once the domain got expired, the site becomes inactive or suspended and loses it all function. The domain name automatically goes to the expired domain list and available for auction.Buy expired domain name

Why expired domain?

The main advantage of buying an expired domain is it will come with the existing backlinks and the traffic for a new price.

The expired domain is used to

  • Build PBN blogs
  • For Backlinking
  • Site Redirection
  • To get profit by selling it

Expired domains have powerful features if you use if properly,

best expired domain finder

How to use Expired Domains in a profitable way?

Check out the benefits of dropped domains or expired domains.

  1. Building Authority Sites

A brand-new website takes more time to reach high domain authority.  With the strong SEO, it will reach top pages in SERP. Instead of spending money and time on a new site, buy an expired domain having a high domain authority for the rankings.

  1. Building A Private Blog Network

PBN is more effective for building a backlink to boost up the page ranks. Start the search for expired domains with high DR and RD then buy it to build a powerful PBN.  Utilize the expired domain and set up more mini-sites with the reference to the single main page. Make sure the mini sites don’t have the similar IPs

  1. Redirects

Redirects is the process of redirecting the expiry domain to your main page. This is to transfer all the SEO power and backlinks and ranking value of the old domain to your main site.

  1. Sell it for profit

Another advantage of buying an expired domain is to gain more money by selling it to the needy customer for a good price. Fix the profit margin higher than the value of the purchased amount. After buying an expiry domain, increase its SEO value by building a backlink, and later you sell it for a profitable price.

Now, you got clear with the advantages of buying an expired domain. So, what is next? Let’s discuss how to find powerful Expired Domains.

Expired Domain Name

Easy methods to Find Expired Domains

By using Keywords

Enter the keywords on the search option, then the web app will list out the expired domains with high DR having the link to the keywords you entered.

From the different Expired domain sellers

Check out the specific websites to find the expired domains like SeekaHost (https://www.seekahost.com/expired-domains/). In these websites, you can find more expired domains for free.


Auction is the marketplace having the list of expired domain lists. Here you have more options to discover great domain names with high rankings. But the prices will be slight competitive.

What are the things to consider when purchasing the Expired domains?

 Just keep in a mind not all expired domains are good and profitable. So before buying an Expired domain, do some research, and pick the best one. Here we listed some of the metrics that helps to buy a best-expired domain from the marketplace.

How to find expired domain

  1. Domain Age

The age of the domain is the main factor you need to consider when you are buying an expired domain. Try to find the expired domain which is old.

  1. Backlinks Quality

Check the quality of the backlinks by using ahrefs or SEMRush and go for a high-quality domain. If you find the backlinks are not valid or spammy then skip that domain.

  1. Site Quality

Check the site quality and contents. Using the archive.org check the domain history and the content quality. So you can make sure that the site is used properly by the previous owner.

  1. Moz rankings

Moz rankings determine the page authority and domain authority for the domain based on the backlinks and traffic history of the site. Buy the site having high page authority and domain authority.

  1. Site Traffic

For a healthy website, site traffic is the main factor that helps to run the website effectively. Check the monthly traffic of the site when the domain was live earlier. You can find this using ahrefs or SEMRush.

Where to find the expired domains?

Now you all clear about what is expiry domain, what are the benefits of buying an expired domain, methods to find the expired domain, and things to consider before purchasing the expired domain. The last step is to purchase the domain. So, it is time to own a domain. Here are some sites that help you to retrieve the best domain for your use.

Expired domain at seekahost

Check out the video “How to find the best-expired domain and build it from the scratch?”

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