How to Optimize Snippets for Google?: A Complete Guide

How to Optimize Snippets for Google A Complete Guide

If you are already familiar with Google’s snippets or Google schema and it is pretty good to learn the best ways to optimize both the featured and rich snippets. First, let me give a short review on what is featured, and rich snippets and it works better to Google ranking and then move on to how to optimize snippets.

Featured Snippets is the highlighted section that appears at the top of the blog to provide an answer to questions in the search box. FAQs schema are the best example for Featured snippets.

Rich Snippets includes some more extra information that is provided within the search results like ratings, product price, etc. This will appear in between the description and website URL.

Featured Snippets Vs Rich Snippets

It is hard for you to notice the changes that take place in the results that appear on each Google Search result. If you closely notice the search result you can see the lots of information that is pushing the ranking blog down the page. This is happened due to the snippets. To understand these metrics first you should know the differences and benefits of both rich and featured snippets.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets contain information more specific to the search query, in addition to that, it contains some extra information. With this, you will find the all-important information without clicking through the website.

The main benefit of rich snippets is, they purely enhanced with the organic traffic, always present at the top of the page. It helps to get higher click-through -rates and higher ranking based on the effort you put into SEO.

Featured Snippets

A Featured snippet is an exact answer to your search query that even above the first organic search result. That is, it appears at position #0.  These answers are extracted from the webpage and bring user attention to that webpage. The main aim of featured snippets to bring the most exact and relevant answers to their search queries by reducing the clicking of irrelevant sites.

how to optimize snippets

The benefit of having the featured snippet is to easily attain the “position zero” without putting more effort into SEO.

Types of Rich snippets

There are a variety of rich snippets available so for, users using them based on their websites. Here we list the most common type of rich snippets. They are.

  • Music snippets
  • Product Markup
  • Reviews
  • Events


This snippet shows the information of music, releasing date, similar albums, length of the file, and so on.

Music markup snippetsProduct Markup

Product markup shows all the information of specific products that include price, availability, ratings., and reviews.

Product markup


Review’s markup shows the start ratings of any products, or novel that appears below a snippet in the search results.

Reviews snippetsEvents

Events markup shows all necessary information for a specific event that includes event date, location, and time.

Event snippets

Types of Featured Snippets

  • Paragraph
  • Numbered list
  • Bullet list
  • Table
  • Video


Here the markup data appears in the format of a paragraph that includes all necessary data relevant to the search query. It appears at the top position before the website URL.

Paragraph markups

Numbered List

In this markup, the data are listed with numbers. This page mostly includes the content having the topic like top 3 dentists, top 20 hosting blogs, etc.


Bullet List

Bullet lists are the same as a numbered lists, here the bullets are used to list the data instead of numbers.

Bulleted List in snippets


Table markups come with rows and columns. This is used mostly on comparing any two products. This is helpful for eCommerce business sites.

Tables snippets list


Here video comes at the top position before the content.

Video featured snippets

How to optimize Snippets?

Snippets are structured data that highlights the specific type of data on your page and makes Google easily understand the context of the data.

Before step into the optimizing snippets, you should build your structured data markup, and further you need to test it.

Structured data

Structured data allows you to optimize your rich snippet and features snippet by including all basic needs and information.

Structured data works closely with the Google algorithms, and it allows Google to fully understand the actual data.

This is not a direct ranking but structured data markup pushes up your sites to the top of the SERPs.  It also helps to get more clicks.

Structured data brings more benefits to the local SEO and eCommerce fields.

Rich snippet tests

You can either use standard HTML structured data or JSON-LD structured data to code the markup.

The next step is to test the data with the help of the testing tool.

For testing the Structured data you can use Google’s structured data testing tool.  The testing process is easy, and it takes only a few seconds. You can do it simply by copying your code or URL and paste it into the right field and click on test code.

After you have completed your code testing, you can deploy your data on the webpage.

Google rich result test Final Words:

Snippets are the shortcut to reach the first position of Google’s organic search. These snippets provide a great opportunity to get more clicks from the organic search without higher rankings.  Snippets optimization takes only a few minutes and it creates a great impact on search results.

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