How Media Content make users to Engage with your Website?


Having quality text content alone will not help the users to spend more time on your website,

You should have some media content like Infographics, Video’s in your webpage to make the users engage with your website.

Here let’s see some smart ways of making the users to spend more time on your website.

engage users with websiteEmbed Infographics:

Infographics are the visual representation of any data. This will help the users to understand the concepts better.

Having Infographics in your web pages will make the users to spend more time on your website.

Also, submitting Infographics in the platforms like Flickr, Visually, Pinterest, Photobucket, etc will help you to get an SEO boost.

Thus having Infographics will help you in both the On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

You can use the Infographics for building quality links to the website, whereas when it comes to On Page, it helps you to make the landing users spend more time.

Add Video Content:

Add videos about the products/services that you are offering. Create a YouTube channel for your business and regularly publish videos.

media content in webpagesJust embed the YouTube video links in the web pages.

This will help the users to engage more time on the website and also you can get more reach on YouTube as well.

Just try to do some videos like product review videos, How to do videos, etc. This will make you to get more subscribers from YouTube and follow your brand.

When the users land on your website from Google, the media content in the website like videos and Infographics will make them to stay on the website for time, Indeed reducing the bounce rate.

Populating the Infographics and the videos in the official social media pages will help you get more brand reach online.

engage users with media contentMake the Text Content Better:

Just don’t add the contents in long paragraphs. This will not make the users to read the content.

Add more bullet points in the content and always have more subheadings in the content.

Make the content look more simple and provide the information what the user is looking for.

Mostly bounce rate of the site increases due to the irrelevant information provided on the web page.

Hence make sure that you provide the content what the user is actually searching for.

Thus making the users engage more time with your website will help you to reduce the bounce rate and then improve the ranks on the SERP.

How Engaging Users will Improve your Ranks?

engage users in websiteGoogle uses the RankBrain algorithm to monitor the user behaviour on the SERP and to adjust the ranks of the web pages on the SERP based on that.

Dwell time is one of the ranking signal used by the Google RankBrain. Dwell time is the time duration which the users spend on your website when they land from SERP.

Making the users spend more time in your website will reduce the bounce rate and will increase the dwell time as well.

Having good dwell time will act as a good ranking signal for your website and will help you to get a good SEO Boost on the SERP.

Being an SEO Consultant, you should give importance to landing page design, Also you should have some plan to engage users in the website. Having only the quality text content is will not help you to engage users more time in the website.

Being a business people, you should provide relevant information what the users are looking for and should make them regularly visit your website.

These are some smart ways to make the users engage more time with your website.


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