Grow your business online with videos in 2019

If you want to grow your business online, build a strong brand and get more customers, you need to make and post videos on your social media channels and website. Read this article and pay attention to it. I’ll uncover the most important video statistics, facts, myths and some tips for you. Cisco has projected that ... Read More

Facebook Re-Marketing: When is the right time to do?

Remarketing is the way of retargeting the customers who have visited our website previously. Facebook Remarketing is the best way to increase sales. Here let’s see some smart ways of getting more conversions to the business with the help of Facebook Remarketing. Gather Customer Data using Facebook Pixel: Facebook Pixel is the small piece of ... Read More

Increase the conversion rate with the E-Mail Marketing

Well, If your website receives more traffic then you can use the E-Mail marketing strategy to increase the conversion rate. You can get in touch with your customers frequently with some newsletters, offers, new products/services, etc. This will help you to keep the customers in touch with your brand and engaged. E-Mail Marketing Setup: As ... Read More

How to take data driven decisions for your business with the help of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the website analytics platform offered by Google to help the site owners to find some useful data like traffic to their website, source of traffic, unique page views, average session duration, etc. Now let’s see about how to make data-driven decisions for your business based on the Google Analytics data. By planning ... Read More

Increase the ROI of your Business by using Facebook Remarketing

Facebook Remarketing is the way of retargeting the customers who have visited your website previously. This can be done by integrating the Facebook Pixel with your website. Facebook Pixel in your website will keep track of all the users who are visiting your website and the Facebook Id’s associated with them. Later by using the ... Read More