Avoid Falling Foul of The Latest Google Algorithm Updates with these SEO tips


latest-Google-algorithm-updatesHave you been hit from the latest Google algorithm update? or want to know how to prevent and avoid falling foul of the Latest Google Algorithm Updates? – If the answer is yes, you are on the right web page.

In this guide, I will walk you through some of the latest updates and what you must know and then who to prevent from getting hit from any Google update.

I’m the #1 SEO Consultant and I’ve been doing SEO services for over 5 years every single day!

Top technical SEO approaches discover what works, what doesn’t and how we can future-proof from Google latest algorithm updates. Last June 2019 there was a big Google update many websites shuffled in ranks and we had some of our client sites also going up and some down. However, I still rank #1 for SEO Consultant and most of our client’s websites are also ranking higher on Google.

Google is like a beautiful lady that keeps on throwing in new demands when you least expect it. To some, Google likes shifting goal posts now and then. But to others, Google is a neutral referee who does their best to ensure a level playing field for everyone. This latter opinion makes much sense.

  • Come to think of it, website owners and web developers can very easily break the rules to get top ranking. It has happened before. To curb this, Google is continually updating their rules and regulations on content use.
  • In the infancy of the internet, all that a website needed was to fill a page with the relevant keywords to get top ranking. Then search engines raised the bar when they realised that some sites were misusing this concept. Have a look below at some of the major Google updates that have taken place over the years;

Toolbar Update; when the internet started taking over the world at the beginning of the millennium, Google came up with the Toolbar Update in December 2000; this was primarily the concept that pages could be ranked differently based on the content and especially keyword phrases. This is where the wars between SEO practitioners and Google really begun. The former rushed to stuff keywords and phrases into pages with intent to get top ranking; it was only a matter of time before the latter uncovered this improper trend.

Nofollow Update; this Google update was released in January 2005. It explained the importance of quality backlinks and why Spammy backlinks risked getting your site flagged off. You can use as many backlinks as you wish, but if they are questionable, SERPs would never acknowledge them. Read

  1. What Is a Nofollow Link? Here’s A Simple Plain English Answer
  2. The Nofollow Question: How Much Credit Do Nofollow Links Get?

Personalised search update June 2005; this ushered in a new dawn in the world of search engines. Google could use your search history to guess what you’re likely to search. This personalised Search Update is what has advanced today to YouTube’s ability to recommend videos you should watch.

Recent Google Updates you should remember;

Today, there are over 200 factors that determine page ranking on Google. You’ll need to understand them to make it to the top of SERPs.

Using Structured Data Markup; this is a sure way of improving your page appearance. But more importantly, you need to understand that both Google and Bing use mark-ups to verify websites. By marking-up your content, you’re increasing your chances of being ranked at the top of major search engines. Voice searches also tend to favor sites that have well structured and cited content.

Page speed helps in ranking; on average, a page should load within 4-5 seconds. Anything else past that risks increasing the bounce rate on the site. Google updates are championing the need for web developers to develop pages that are user-friendly to users (mobile friendly). The user-friendliness includes not just the display of content, but also faster load times.

Preparing for future updates;

Like Google’s updates are hard to predict or prepare for. The trick always lies in always being on your toes. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Ensure that your content answers customer’s questions. Nowadays, users conducting searches have a Quick Answer box at the top. Users can quickly check for results on the main page without having to click any link. Be sure to integrate every phrase that users are likely to search.
  • Optimising for voice search is also crucial. Voice searches account for a huge chunk of Google’s searches. Have your site streamlined so that it is easy to find and locate during a voice search.
  • Good old SEO practices should never escape you. Google will still expect you to use authoritative and reputable links. Diversify the links and use multiple sites. Likewise, keyword usage should also be utilised. The rule is always to use one keyword for every 100 words. The keyword should appear naturally within the article.

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How to avoid Google penalties with algorithm updates?

You don’t have to wait for Google’s next updates and start running helter-skelter; let the pros in the industry cushion you from such. You can never go wrong with ClickDo website optimisation services as we’ve been doing it for over 5 years now and helped hundreds of business owners rank their websites higher on the first page of Google.

Ranking higher on Google takes time however with properly done On page SEO techniques and strategically doing off site SEO will certainly help the budge.

At ClickDo we start the offsite SEO work by submitting the domain with the business detailed to the top 100 UK business directories which will give a huge SEO boost for your domain.

And then we start guest blogging doing blogger outreach work for you to get high quality backlinks for your web pages. This is what will lift your website to the top of Google search results.

Google bots look at what sites linking to your web pages as references. This works so well when you get backlinks from high quality websites that get daily traffic.

When getting SEO backlink packages, you must try to get from websites that get organic traffic from Google.

Below are some examples of our recent guest blogs on high-quality websites for our clients. You can check our buy backing online page for more details and the link building services page.

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How can local business owners in the UK thrive when Google hits hard?


Most of the local business owners in the UK are dependent on Google! And that’s a good thing for us because we can help them get ranked and bank…

In this article, I want to share with you how to build sustainable businesses and be ready to thrive in the challenging economic condition. Just imagine (or remember) Google’s algorithm update hit on your website and it dropped dramatically in ranks…What can you do? Can you get back to the same volume of leads that you used to get?

Since the last August 1st, 2018 update more and more business owners started to worry. Some decided to part ways with us and even hesitated continuing to run their business.  However, if you read this article where I cover the comeback story of the cleaning company you can see there is hope and you should never give up on your SEO game!

What can you do to thrive when Google hits hard?

You should have built your business ready for that. If you were playing with Google AdWords or had a budget ready you were more likely to get a ton of leads from Google.

I sometimes feel that updates come to shake you and see how you react as a business owner.

The person who is strong and ready to increase their spending during such times will win.

I’ve seen this rubbish removal company, Clearabee, recovering really well moving back to the top, which surprised us all in the SEO industry. They were utilizing Google AdWords at all times during 2016 and 2017, which must have given them the boost as one of our clients, Quick Wasters, outranked them back in 2015 for every single keyword in the rubbish removal niche. You can read the case study here.

So, if you are a local business owner in the UK, that’s a great recovery success story for you. You should try to find and meet the owners of Clearabee and get some ideas.

Right now, as I’m writing this article, I feel them having a Wikipedia page created was a major key contributor to ranking #1 for every keyword in the rubbish removal niche. So if you are one of the local business owners in the UK, seriously consider that. And if you wish to learn local SEO for yourself or train some of your staff about the local SEO game, get our local SEO blueprint today! It will save you a ton of money as instead of hiring SEO services you and your team will know how local SEO works and apply it.

If you have a good understanding of SEO, you can get our local SEO secrets

Now let’s look at the best ways to overcoming Google ranking fluctuations and losses in business leads!

  • Be ready to run Google AdWords (ideally you should be doing it simultaneously while doing organic SEO)!
  • Have other income streams built while things are going great. Never rely on one income stream only – you must evaluate your business within the market and do whatever you can to stay in the game and remain profitable. Investing in other or more businesses during successful periods is key as when the business doesn’t perform well you’ll have the other businesses as back-up options. I started SeekaHost UK, a web hosting company, to have a nice income stream from the web every day. So think about it. Read the book 24 Assets by Daniel Priestley.
  • Start a blog and get your partners to follow suit. Because a blog will help you reach your true 1000+ fans and customers, no matter what industry you operate in. Write stories daily about your business or hire authors to write them. This will enable your audience to understand your business better and to create a personal bond with it. Share how your company is performing and don’t be afraid to be open and emotional about it too. Examples from our clients are writing about eco-friendly living and the benefits of your business as a rubbish removal company. As a modern furniture company, you would share latest innovations in your industry on your blog as well as on all the social media channels.
  • You must be the PR person for your business. See what I do as the CEO of ClickDo, I share, let people know what’s happening. I built SeekaHost starting with my Facebook. My first 100 customers came from a Facebook group I built for fun and helping people.
  • Know the season for your business and when things are bad make sure you increase focusing on your creative work to build your business brand. The winter is a good time for you to build your brand.
  • Start a podcast as I’ve done here as this will bring you closer to your customers: https://soundcloud.com/clickdo

How can local business owners rank #1 on Google and bank again?

It’s a long-term game and you must keep up with the content creation and marketing more than your competition.

If you are relying on Google, it’s time to think if your business can get customers from other channels like Facebook and Instagram! For some like dentists and modern furniture niches, you can and we’ve got tons of leads for these niches from Facebook.

Go big on your media and become a PR powerhouse. That’s the way your trigger Google and all the people in the UK to know your business.

And finally, if you are serious about how to win the local business game with SEO, I advise you get our local SEO blueprint and if you are starting out to understand SEO and how it can help your business, start here.


How Local Citations helps to improve the ranks in Google Maps?


What is Citation Building?

Citation Building is the representation of Business information like Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP Information) in the online business directories or on other websites,

In many directories, you can also add additional information like Videos, Map Location, Testimonials, Business Services, etc. Google map ranks are based on the quality local citations that you build for your brand.

map results in googleHow to Improve the rank in Maps?

Update the same business information in all the citations that you build, Avoid using different business information in different sites.

Using different business information will not help you to improve the map ranks.

Google considers the authority of the sites from which you build citations.

The local citations are similar to the backlinks and you should be careful before submitting the sites.

Submit the sites only in the relevant directories and maintain the consistency in the business information.

google map search resultsGoogle Map results depend upon,

  • Relevance and the authority of the citation source.
  • The volume of citations of your business.
  • Consistency in your NAP information in all the citations.

When you start building the citations, it won’t have the immediate effect in your ranks, It will take some time to reflect in your map results.

Good authority citations will help you to rank solid in your map results for the local search terms.

This will suit mainly for the businesses which rely on the local search terms.

How map results help you get more conversions?

Usually, more searches are made from the mobile devices than the desktop devices. When the people search from the phone, they tend to click on map results first then the organic search results,

Also, the map results help the people to find the source nearest to them. Hence ranking for the local search terms in the map results will help you increase the conversion rate for your business.

At ClickDo, we help the business owners in the UK by helping them to list their business in the relevant business directories. For high authority citation building service, you can mail us to digital@clickdo.co.uk

Meta Description – Are still a ranking factor in SEO?


Well, When it comes to SEO there are many core factors which remains the same even though there are multiple updates rolled out every day by Google. Meta Descriptio is one such factor which remains ass the core factor in the On- Page SEO.

Here let’s see about the importance of the meta description and its importance.

When it comes to writing meta descriptions think less about SEO and more about the Click Through Rates (CTR). Meta descriptions are the small snippets which are displayed on the SERP below the site links.

meta description in seoThese small descriptions should be in a way that it should make the users click on the link and visit the website. Descriptions should be catchy and should contain the target keywords in it.

Having the crispy meta description will help you to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) of the website. This will help you to gain more traffic from the Google SERP.

Do’s & Don’ts while writing the meta description:

Make sure you write the unique description for the post or the web page that you are going to publish. Don’t copy the content and directly paste in the meta description section.

Try to embed the target keywords in the meta description section, but make sure that you don’t stuff the keywords.

Write a crispy short description without exceeding the character limit of 160.

meta descriptionTry to have a call to action like phone number, mail id or something else in the meta description.

Avoid writing the irrelevant meta descriptions to the content present in the web page, as this will lead to an increase in the bounce rate of the website.

Don’t overdo the meta description by stuffing the target keywords or by updating with the irrelevant content.

These are some of the tips for you to write a good pleasing meta description which will look positive for both users and the search engines.

Updating the crispy SEO friendly descriptions will help you to improve the ranks of your website on the Google SERP.

To learn more about SEO & explore more skills. Have a look at the SEO Training course by the #1 SEO Consultant in London, Fernando Raymond – https://clickdo.co.uk/seo-training-course/

Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2018

common-seo-mistakes to avoid

Search Engine Optimization is the technique which one should do in a very strategic way to improve the ranks of their website on the SERP, Trying some crooked ways will simply blow up your site from Google resulting in the huge rank drops. Here let’s see some of the common SEO mistakes to avoid in 2018.

Improper Keyword Target:

You can able to achieve the success in SEO only if you chose the right keyword list. Don’t choose the keywords which are not going to bring any conversion to the business.

Don’t consider the keywords which have more search volume as the more potential keyword. It depends on the business, even some keywords which have search volume less than hundred are more important and have a huge competition to rank.

seo mistakes

Don’t Copy The Content:

Avoid using the copied content in your website. Google will boost the ranks of your website only if your site is rich in content. Using the plagiarized content will no more help you to rank well on SERP.

Website Not Optimized For Mobile Devices:

As the number of mobile searches is more when comparing to the number of searches made on the desktop devices. It is more important to optimize the sites to perform well on the mobile devices.

More common mistakes that people do is that they fail to optimize their sites for the mobile devices and they end up in losing the ranks.

Lack Of Image Optimization:

Don’t just focus on optimizing the text content. Give importance to the media files that are present in the web page as well. Optimize the images by reducing the image size, providing the alt tags, etc.

common seo mistakes

Adding the meta information to the images relevant to the content will help you to improve the ranks on the Google SERP very easily.

Thus these are some of the common SEO mistakes that you should avoid in 2018. Optimize the sites well for the frequent updates that are rolled out by Google to make your website perform well on SERP.




A Guide For Small Business SEO

Guide For Small Business SEO

Search Engine Optimization impacts every business which can be found online, whether it’s a small or big business.

SEO is getting more and more competitive, however, done right still your business can win the market and rank at top of search engines.

Every small business owners dream is to rank #1 on Google!


Is it possible to rank #1 on Google anymore?

If you search for “seo consultant London” you an see that ClickDo ranks at top, and that’s some hard work and done for over 3 years consistanly. And we still keep doing SEO with great content marketing and population on teh web.

See what we are doin here, we are reating great content and putting on the web to help people learn SEO, and that helps as us as SEo agency to rank higehr up on search engine.

We tend to believe that SEO is only for the businesses achieving high revenues or that try to sell the products/services with a higher cost per sale value. Here, we give you the ultimate guide for the small business and local SEO.

The points we are ready to discuss are:

  • Budget set for Branding
  • Content Writing Skill
  • Socializing
  • Main Factors to Consider in Small Business SEO

SEO For Small Business

  • Low Budget Branding:

    • In SEO, branding is the most important factor to be considered, which includes the company name, tagline, product and USP(Unique Selling Point). Create a logo and tagline that speaks for itself. The branding has to be done in a way that the business name defines all the trust, quality and reliability of the service or product. Remarketing strategy can help with the branding for the business.
  • Content Writing Skill:

    • Good content writing skills for small business advertisers can lead to a huge growth. Just leaving a website with a service or product doesn’t help any business, you have got a lot more space to elaborate and engage the audience within the website to understand its worth. A well-written content has the capacity to convince any visitor who comes across your business website.
    • Be a real and normal person while writing the content, which can be easily related to and understood for both search users and Google bots. When you choose a highly competitive niche, this well-written content can be a great marketing tool for your business.

content writing

  • Socializing:

    • The major missing aspect for most businesses. After crossing the line with a moderate brand value, you have to start socializing the products or services through different platforms to different people. It helps in two ways: one – the brand value will start to take its peak, second – you will start to see the revenue by selling products. Engage in the social media conversations to showcase yourself and make people listening to whatever you’re saying.
    • The key factor of socializing is to make people understand that such products/services exist, which are more reliable, trustworthy and cost-effective than most of the brands in your niche.
  • Main Factors to Consider in Small Business SEO:

    • The local and small business owners must do these four things to gain attention,
      • Google My Business
      • Customer reviews
      • Link Building
      • Searches that contain “near me”
    • Google My Business:
      • It is mandatory to have a Google My Business listing as that clearly provides the information about a company. You have to fill out every detail that includes working hours, direction, contact number, occasional offers, and a website link.
    • Customer Reviews:
      • Customer Reviews & Rating – We can say this as a user-generated content that describes a company from a common person. In Local SEO, these reviews can help your website to be more trustworthy than any other top companies in your same niche.
    • Linking Building:
      • Link Building from websites around your place which can be another small business or from a local business listing website. The local citation will add value to the business on Google, as your business details are spread all around your local place.
    • Searches that contain “near me”:
      • It has become a recent trend that, users started to search the keyword along with “near me”. For instance, when a user is about to read a book, they search it like libraries near me, bookshop near me. These can work when you do follow proper local SEO strategies.

When you’re about to build the local citation for your business, you can get services from us, as our experts are providing citations from 100+ UK websites. If you literally want to get SEO training from the #1 SEO Consultant in London, then visit and get access soon here:  https://clickdo.co.uk/seo-training-course/ – be fast as there’s a huge offer this week for the first 100 trainees.

Today the 06.11.2016 I wanted to update this article and let you know that if you are a small business owner in the UK, you can not get the local SEO blueprint done by Fernando and learn all about the SEO game and aim to rank higher on SERP’s in 2019.

I heard from Fernando that he is writing the SEO in 2019 guide as well and it will be in the Local SEO blueprint so join before the prices go up to 497.

How Local SEO Helps To Rank Business Websites in UK?


What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the way of optimizing the website to rank for the local location-based business searches. For example, if your search for “seo consultant London”, ClickDo will be ranking #1 in the Google SERP by competing for the business owners on the own domain.

To rank for the potential business terms based on the location, you need to do some off page works than On Page. Here let’s see some Off-Page optimization works which you should do to rank the websites for location-based business search terms.

How to rank business websites in the UK for location-based searches?

  • Google My Business
  • Local Citations

Google My Business:

Google search shows the map results before the organic search results for the location-based searches. Hence as a business people, you should make your Google Business listing optimized well by providing the information like address, phone number, operating hours, photos & videos about the business, etc.

google my business listing clickdo

Even you can do regular blog posts on Google My Business and can keep your customers engaged with you. Optimizing Google My Business will help you get more calls & clicks for your business website from map results for location-based searches.

Local Citations:

Local Business Citations are the most important thing to consider in the local SEO. Being a business owner in the UK, make sure that your business website is listed in many UK based business directories.

local seo by clickdo

Business Citations will contain the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information about your business in many places on the web. This will allow the people to find your business easily & from Google’s point of view, it will help in improving your Local SEO.

We at ClickDo offer the local citation building services for the business websites in the UK. We will make your business website listed on the high authority UK based business directories.

Citations that we built at ClickDo:

local seo in uk

how local citiations helps seo

For Local Citation Building Services for your business in the UK, just drop us a mail to digital@clickdo.co.uk, we will build high authority business citations for your business.