How SEO and PPC can work together to improve your website?

How SEO and PPC can work together to improve your website

SEO and PPC are the two different key factors that help to appear your website on the first page of Google. The difference is SEO ranks your website at the top of the page by organic traffic influenced by the SEO practices and PPC is the paid ads, which makes your website appear at the top of the page above the organic lists. SEO brings free traffic, where PPC has a cost of each click.

Both SEO and PPC are marketing practices that aim to improve your website and bring better results.

Let’s have a detailed look at how SEO and PPC work together for your website.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of bringing more organic traffic to your website and helps to rank better in the SERP for the targeted keyword phrases.

For doing a perfect SEO for the website, you should write a rich product description, unique contents, page titles, and meta descriptions, build authorized links, and optimize the page speed to loads faster. These are the few methods of how to do SEO for the website.

What is SEO

How SEO improves your website?

Check-in what ways does SEO helps to improve your website.

Brand Awareness

Visibility for your brand in search engines for the targeted keywords brings positive benefits to your potential customers. Your brand becomes more familiar and trusted by searchers that will help to generate leads.


Organic results create more trust for your brand among the users and influence them to buy your products.

Website Traffic

SEO brings more website traffic organically and it drives more awareness of your business among the potential customers.

Returns on Investment (ROI)

SEO provides an improved ROI over the other traditional marketing.


SEO is neither cheap nor costly, but it will be more cost-effective when compared to other marketing tactics.

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What is PPC?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is the marketing practice that advertises your products at the top of the SERP before the organic results. PPC helps to stand one step above the organic results. The company or website owner should need to pay for the ads when they are clicked.


PPC is the best way to acquire a new customer. Cost is depending on the Keywords, some keywords may be affordable, while others may cost high per click based on the keyword competition.

How PPC helps your website?

Check, how PPC helps to improve your website

Position on the SERP

PPC ads dominate the organic page, and they will appear in the top position on your desktop and mobile. So, the users will always see the Paid ads at first even if they prefer organic results.

Visual Option

If you are selling a product, PPC helps to enable product listing ads and visual shopping that can help a website user to click on the product directly. This will improve the CTR high when compared to organic search.

Targeting the right Audience

PPC provides an efficient target option, it leads to target the right audience among the other potential users. PPC ads can be targeted by keywords, geography, devices, time, day, and audiences.

Visibility Speed

Organic traffic takes more days to be visible, but PPC takes only a short period. There is no other faster way to get in front of the customers than PPC advertising.


Many marketers believe PPC generates only fewer leads if your fix fewer cos. But the truth is it will generate more leads for small geo-targeting and a small set of keywords.

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Final Words

Now you have cleared with the benefits of SEO and PPC. Both PPC and SEO are like a piece of bread and butter for your website ranking. To make your business website more visible and active you have to use both. It’s up to you to utilize the advantage of both SEO and PPC.

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