How PPC Display Ads can fetch Maximum Reach

Google display network

Google being the #1 Search Engine in the Market, Running a campaign on Google is usually a good fit if you are having potential search volume in Google search engine. But,

What if your product or Service is brand new to the Market?

You can Run Campaigns for Related Keywords

Let’s assume you are trying to sell a Product B. This product will work with a Product A. So, you will have a better chance of getting a good reach towards to your target audience when you advertise the product B when people are actually searching for Product A. Provided, Product B works with Product A.

A Real Time Example,

Assume you are trying to sell a Flip Cover for “Samsung Galaxy Note 8”. You can actually advertise the product as one among the ads listed in the search engine when a person searches for “Samsung galaxy note 8” – As in Phrase Match Type.

How to utilise the power of Display Network?

Display network actually works well if you are launching a product / service thats brand new to the Market. Provided, people actually do not search for it.

Display network has the power of utilising images, gif and short videos (in case of YouTube). We can target audience using the demographic informations thats available based on the user’s profile and data collected by the search engine in real time.

Let’s assume the same case, a user is reading an article on “How to connect OTG Cable to Samsung Galaxy Note 8”, this means the person actually owns a “Note 8” phone. Hence, he is a super targeted audience. All we have to do it to create an attractive image ad, target the keyword (or) domain in which the articles are present.

Once the targets are set right, we can start pushing the ads in a targeted fashion to the users.