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Not everybody is lucky enough to wake up every day and know that they have a good-going business to handle. If you wake up hoping to get at least a couple of clients/customers today, it is time to change that.

Hi, I am Fernando Raymond. And I am not a motivational speaker. I won’t scream through the screen telling you to get up and start working towards your dreams. I am a digital marketing consultant. And I will tell you a tried and tested formula to get more business.

Your competitors already know this. That’s why they are busy all day catering to clients, while you sit and think why your business isn’t blooming. I believe knowledge shouldn’t be capitalized on. And that’s why here I am, willing to share the secret to growing any business.

Before I tell you what you’ll find by the time you reach the end of this piece, I’d like to tell you what I won’t be telling you.

This Guide Does Not Contain anything motivational.

  1. You need to keep hustling hard every day.
  2. Have faith in God, and good things will come to you.
  3. Do not rush things; everything comes to you at a certain time.

These three statements are bullshit. (Please excuse my French). You don’t need to adhere to them, at least for business growth.

Here are the three statements that you need to hear today

  1. You need a PPC management strategy that yields tangible results every day.
  2. If you harness the power of Google, your target audience will come to you.
  3. Now is the time to get started with a PPC strategy, and you cannot put this off till tomorrow.

Now, that’s all that you needed to know.

But how to do all that? Well, keep reading, and soon you’ll know.

Fernando-PPC Marketing Expert

The Basics of PPC Management

People are constantly searching for products, services, recommendations, reviews, and more, on Google. Audience touchpoints have increased.

This means two things –

  1. You need to be found on Google.
  2. You need to be found everywhere your customers are looking.

Two goals, one solution…

Pay-per-click advertisement.

You target the relevant keywords, and Google shows ads on search results, in Gmail, and in several other places where people are looking for answers. Your audience sees your ads, and they click on them to come to you. You get more business.

And as the name suggests, you have to pay only for the clicks that you get. No need to pay if your ad doesn’t convert. Google is really being generous here. But don’t take its generosity for granted.

PPC sounds too simple. But there’s a catch. There’s always a catch.

PPC campaigns fail. A lot. They are not set-it-and-forget-it types. You need to constantly monitor, measure, and modify them for the best results. And well, you can do all that on your own. And if you keep handling the campaigns, who’ll handle the business that the campaign brings in?

Would you let someone handle your business? No, right? So, then it’s time to hire PPC management experts.

For one, with the right PPC campaign won’t leave you with time on hand to do anything but focus on your business.

And two, without expert supervision, it isn’t possible to succeed anyway.  You can Google all possible strategies for success. And you’ll find enough content to fill up not one but several books. But what all this content won’t give you is a hands-on experience. That comes after you have failed a couple of times

PPC Management Agency in London

Do you want to spend time failing today? Or do you want to jump straight to success? If you are ready to go with the first option, you are free to go your way. But if you want to succeed, right now, with no foul play, but with sheer experience and expertise backing you, let me point you into the right direction.

Mr Dinesh Kuman VM is the PPC consultant at ClickDoTM Ltd. It is one of the top-performing digital marketing companies in the UK.

I founded the company back in 2013. And since then, I have handled the SEO and PPC campaigns for plenty of businesses. I have had my fair share of setbacks. And I have now understood how to create campaigns that succeed. Every damn time.

You can fill up this one simple form, and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

In our first meeting, we’ll hear your business goals.

In the second meeting we’ll tell you what plans we have for your business.

And by the time you meet us for the fifth time (or even before that), we’ll be showing you the successful reports of the campaigns we ran for you. (If you are too busy handling clients by then, we’ll be happy to send you the details on email too.)

PPC Management London

PPC Management Services by ClickDo Experts

But this is not a sales letter. This is an informational piece. And I will not be asking you to randomly trust me. Or give me at least a chance to show what my company and I can do for you. We’ll just talk about information. Simple, measurable data and details. We have worked for several circumcision clinics, among other businesses, in London, and across the UK. And for one of the clients, our Adwords campaign results in 1000 plus visits to their site, for £477.

And now I’ll leave you with the math about how much it cost them to get each potential client. Also, that’s not a one-off situation. My PPC team, led by Dinesh, has done wonders for many other businesses too. Operating in the most competitive niches in the country. And if you want us to, we’ll do it for you too.

As promised, I shared all the information that you needed to know. I told you what your business needs. I told you who I am and what I do.

I showed you proof that the method I am suggesting (PPC campaigns, that is) works.  And I have told you how you can get PPC experts on board.

That’s all I had to say. Now, I’d like to hear from you..

Want to ask me more questions about what I do and how?

Want to find out what PPC can do for your business?

Have a better strategy than mine?

Well, I am always open to conversations. Fill in the form here or reach me at my Google Adwords hotline by dialling 020 8638 5857.

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