How to Rank Your Internal Pages Higher?

How to Rank Your Internal Pages Higher

The evaluation of search engine optimization is depending on users and search engines. You should need to make your blogs stand on their ranking position whenever Google updates its algorithm.  In general, the pages with high internal links are rank higher than the quality pages with no links.  Same time sending more links to your homepage is not always an advisable process. Also, if your home page is ranking higher for the more internal links, the search results will become unstable.

Google has more concerns about your internal pages than your homepage. The internal pages also have more useful information to the search users than the homepage.

In this blog, I am going to show you how to rank your internal blogs or pages greater than your home page on search engines.


The internal pages include services pages, blog posts, and other pages on your website. Instead of focusing only on your homepage, you can start working on these internal pages to get more traffic to your website with valuable internal links.

Internal linking is the effective SEO strategy, that connects more pages with your website through the same domain.

Now it’s time to think deeper to get more traffic to your internal pages in an organic search result.

Rank your internal pages

  1. Build links to the Internal pages
  2. Pass more SEO juice to your Internal Pages
  3. Use branded keywords for interlinking

Build links to the Internal pages

Inactive pages have no effects on SEO works. So, the purpose of adding more internal links is not only to increase Google rankings but also to create a connection with more users and to increase visibility.

The main responsible for you is to make your internal pages easily crawlable by the search engine as well as the users.

You can achieve this with the help of hyperlinks and the right anchor text to the relevant page. Linking to the internal pages makes search engines easily crawl your pages and all your internal pages will get ranks soon in the search results.

Rank Your Internal Pages Higher

The internal links are not only for search engine optimization, but these links are also important to enable users to easily view and engage with all content on your website.

Pass more SEO juice to your Internal Pages

Giving SEO juice from the various social media platforms is one of the advanced SEO techniques that bring more positive signals from the search results.  The top social media sites include Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, boost your internal pages in the search engine rankings.

Many believe social media signals aren’t effective for search results and ranking factors. But the truth is, it has a strong impact on search engine performance.

Pass more SEO juice to your Internal Pages

So, to bring valuable traffic for your internal pages through social media platforms, start focus on creating trustworthy content. Create the best content for your blog post to gain more attention and visibility among the social media networks.

Use branded keywords for interlinking

Branded keywords are simply used in the search terms, linking your pages with the branded keywords will help you to improve your On-page SEO results.

use branded keywords for interlinking

This helps to increase search results. Using brand name as an anchor text are the best signals o treat your targeting audience. Make sure your target should be relevant to your branded anchor text.

Final Words

To rank your internal pages higher than the home page, your need to concentrate more on internal links and how to give them in a more natural way. Always give a link to the page within the website or a blog, to make all your content visible to your users and it helps the search engines to crawl all your blogs without missing any pages.

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