Google Ads for Circumcision Clinic in London – Case Study

paid ppc campaigns for circumcision in london

Why you need PPC for your Circumcision Clinic in London?

Do you own Circumcision clinic in London? Then here is the paid marketing strategy for you to get more inquiries for your clinic from Google. Nowdays people started using Google to find any kind of services that they are in need of, Hence, you should make sure that you have a well planned strategy to drive majority of the traffic from Google who are in search of Circumcision related services. You can drive traffic from Google either using organic SEO which is a long term task or by using Google PPC by using which you can drive traffic instantly.

How PPC Experts at ClickDo will help you get more inquiries for Circumcision Clinic?

We have worked with more than 100+ different businesses in UK and helped the busienss peopel to get more inquiries via Google Ads. Our experts has wide knowledge base in studying any business niche from the core and planning the paid marketing startegy based on that. When it comes to Circumcision niche, we have proven results where we helped many clinics in London with Google PPC. Its not about juts driving more traffic to the business website from Google, Our PPC experts will work on tracking the conversions and will make sure that you get more leads from Google PPC Campaigns.

More Potential Traffic
Increase in Inquiries
Laser Targeted Audience
Increased ROI

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How PPC will help you get more inquiries for your Circumcision Clinic?

Say if you are not getting enough traffic from Google organically to your website. Then you should opt for the second plan to drive more users to your website from Google. By using Google PPC, we can make more potential users to visit your website from Google when they search any Circumicision related terms. Currently there are many businesses which are making more than 10x ROI with the help of Google Ads.

At ClickDo, Our PPC experts have managed to get clicks to our ads with an average CPC less than £1.

Our PPC experts have managed to maintain the average ad position to be 1.6 with an overall search impression share of around 83%. This denotes that our ads are always shown in the top 2 positions in the search results whenever a relevant search is made by the user.

From the below image, you can see the live example of how we made more users to land on one of our Circumcision clients website.

circumcision ppc campaign
device optimization for circumcision ppc campaigns

We Guarantee that PPC will help you get 10x ROI for you Circumcision Clinic

From the image you can easily infer that the search queries related to circumcision are from the mobile devices. When you search for any search term in your mobile devie, you could see that first four spots are filled with Google Ads followed by map results and finally the organic search results. So the probability of a normal user to go past the paid ads, map results and click on the organic search result is less. Hence having your Circumcision website to be shown on top 4 results of Google ads will help you get majority of clicks from the potential users.

How PPC will help you get more inquiries for your Circumcision Clinic?

Google search is the common platform which the people use to search for the products/services that they are in need of. Hence if you are looking to get more calls for your business, then you should make sure that you have dedicated marketing budget for Google Ads. By using Google Ads, we will help you by landing the potential users who are in search of the services that you are offering to land on your website. Our PPC ecperts will advice on the budget and will create the campaigns in such a way that you get more inquiries by spending less.

ppc for circumcision clinics in london

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