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Welcome to Click Do, we think we are one of the best SEO agency in Birmingham.

But then every search engine marketing company will say that.

In truth, we have great competitors in the digital agency world, and we recommend you take a look at them too. We are one of several great Birmingham SEO companies.

When it comes to Google SEO and ranking higher in the search engines, you want to go with an SEO specialist company that focuses on quality over quantity.

Although our competitors are very good, usually they take on more customers than they can handle. So they are spread thin and are not focussed as much as they could be on your success and your results.

All the top search engine optimisation companies can boast number 1 rankings just like we can, but what really matters is that personal connection.

Our digital marketing philosophy is that we want to walk in your shoes for a while because when it comes down to your business – you are the expert.

You know more than we may ever know about your industry.

However we are great listeners and we want to get to know as much as possible about your companies journey, your struggles and successes and most importantly where you want your business to go in the next year or two and beyond.

This is how we consistently get great results in
Google for the people that we partner with.

This is why we only have a limited number of businesses that we work with at any one time because it matters to spend the time building a fully transparent and highly valued relationship where we have a win win outcome.

As Lao Tzu said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

If you would like to take the first step in your SEO journey with us, then join our waiting list by getting in contact with us here.

Search engine optimisation can be confusing because there is a lot of technobabble in the digital marketing industry.

So to keep it simple and put it in terms that you can understand.

The goal of SEO is to get you more customers for your business. As you know gaining new customers is a lot harder and more expensive than keeping existing customers.

So it is important to us that you have a great service or product and you treat your customers well.

So when we send you new customers every month because of our expert SEO skills we know that they will be a long term customer that pays you month after month.

This is why we pre qualify the businesses that we work with because we want to sleep well at night and know that you are getting a return on your investment (ROI) with our SEO services.

The second reason why search engine optimisation is important is because it is the foundation of a balanced marketing strategy for any business that wants to dominate in their industry.

Think about it – what do you do when you want a product or service?

10 points if you said you search for it on Google.

This is exactly what your customers are doing every day, so it is important for your business that you are number 1 for the search terms that your customers are searching for.

The best local companies come up three times when someone searches on Google for their product or service.

Their website is shown in Google Adwords, Google Maps and at the top of Google search.

Add an example of this with some arrows pointing to a website being in all 3

So imagine for a second that a customer is looking for your product or service in Birmingham and you come up 3 times at the top of that search.

Do you think that you will get the lion’s share of these customers?

That’s the goal – to dominate the top of the search engine with your business so customers are almost guaranteed to click on your website.

As Lao Tzu said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

If you would like to take the first step in your SEO journey with us, then join our waiting list by getting in contact with us here.

It is one thing to dominate the Google search results with great search engine optimisation strategies.

However it is also important to have a website that converts those potential customers into more calls and sales.

So at Click Do we don’t just stop at ranking your website at the top of Google. We make sure that you have a website that builds trust and confidence with the people who visit it.

Think of your website as the 21st century business card. It is very often the first contact point that a new customer has with your business and as they say first impressions count.

So the goal with our website optimisation service is to get your website to convert more people into customers. This means over time you will get a higher return on your investment (ROI) with us.

You can get a feel for how good an SEO company is at website design and optimisation by simply looking on their website and seeing for yourself how they do their own website.

We hope you like our website, we have put a lot of effort in to show you how we design and optimise it.

Again we recommend you take a look at some of our competitors, and you will see some that have great websites like ours and some not so great.

Website optimisation is just as important as ranking at the top of Google.

If for example we sent 100 people to your website and only 5 became a customer that is a lot different to if we sent 100 people to your website and 20 became a customer.This drastically affects your return on your investment, and it also affects how quickly you can grow as a business.

You can see some of our customers beautiful websites here, and you will see that we consistently provide well optimised websites that their customers love.

As Lao Tzu said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

If you would like to take the first step in your SEO journey with us, then join our waiting list by getting in contact with us here.

So some people like to know specific details on exactly what we will do so this is a brief summary of the journey that we will take together. For those of you who are interested in the technobabble read on. If not you can click here to skip to SEO services in next section. Make this next section into a drop down menu and text section.

A Friendly Chat

This is where we sit down with you either in person or over Skype, and we get to know each other. Going into this chat we have the mindset that we could be long term partners and we hope you have a similar mindset. However the main reason for this friendly chat is find out where you are right now with your business, what journey you have come on to get to this point and what you would like to achieve moving forward in the next year or two. Our best partnerships come from people that we click with from the beginning, and it should be just as important to you that we connect in the right way that suits your style and your expectations. We won’t click with everyone but that is OK and if this is the case then there are other digital marketing agencies that you can take a look at.

Pre Qualification Conversation

Like we said earlier, we only work with a limited number of businesses to keep our standards high and so we can focus heavily on each customer that we have. So it is important to us that going into the relationship that your goal is to dominate your niche in Birmingham. This is the only people we want to work with because SEO takes time and investment to work properly for long term results. If you need customers yesterday then we may not be the right fit, but if you understand that search engine optimisation takes time and investment and you are looking for sustainable long term results than you are in the right mindset to work with us. There are other factors to that we consider which includes whether we want to work in your particular industry, and what your lifetime customer value is to you. We expect you to know your numbers for example:
  1. What is your lifetime customer value?
  2. How much is a customer worth to you on the front end of your sales funnel?
  3. What does it cost you to get repeat sales from existing customers?
Knowing the answers to these questions tells us that you are serious about wanting to dominate in Birmingham.

Website Audit

Once we are satisfied that we can get a win win relationship, we will then do an in depth analysis of your online marketing. We will look at all the points of contact that a customer can have with you to see how we can improve it. We will start with a website audit to find all the technical onpage SEO issues on your website. We will look at what you are doing in terms of Google Adwords and how you are ranking in Google Maps. We will find the pages on your website that are doing well but need a little push to rank higher, and we will find pages on your website that are not doing as well that we can start work on to bring you more customers in the future.

Competitor Analysis

This is a fun part of the journey because we will look at what your competitors are doing so we can get a clear picture of the landscape of your niche. By looking at your competitors we will be able to find what they are doing well and what they are not doing well. We will then be able to copy the best things they are doing and spot opportunities that your business can do that your competitors are not doing very well. In simple terms - if we take all the strengths of your competitors and none of the weaknesses then this will lead to your business dominating on Google and across the internet.

Technical On Page Optimisation

As with any castle that will eventually rule a kingdom the foundations take time to build. We believe solid foundations creates a long lasting empire so we may be slower than other SEO agencies to get to this point. But we know how important the first four stages of our process are when it comes to getting long lasting results for our customers. So when it comes to on page optimisation for your website this is where our friendly chat, our pre qualifying conversation, the website audit and the competitor analysis all combine into one. As we will have listened to you, we will have an excellent idea of how to make your website give the unique and personal impression that you want your customers to have when they visit your website. This is important because the element of a good customer journey is congruence. Which means whether a customer goes to your website, calls your customer service or speaks to you in person - the message and the philosophy needs to be the same. We are sure you have bought many products or services yourself where they have a great product but terrible customer service, or they have a nice website but what you bought didn’t live up to your expectations. For us it is important that the customer experience is tailored completely to your style, and that the first part of the customer journey goes smoothly and flows nicely into your sales funnel. A lot of search engine optimisation companies write content on their customers websites purely to rank at the top of Google. But the problem with doing it this way is the content does not read well, and is not great for the customer experience. So we make sure that we put the customer first in our on page content strategy and we have our expert SEO techniques behind that. This gives the best of both worlds and more importantly Google uses the customer experience and what your customers do on your website as a ranking factor. So we build for long term success because if a customer spends 5 minutes on your website but only 2 minutes on your competitors, over time Google will rank you higher.

Off Page Optimisation

Once we have sorted out everything up to this point, we will then look at how we can get high quality backlinks pointing to your website. Think of backlinks as a vote of confidence from another website. It is important that the websites linking to you are in your niche because Google trusts these websites opinion on that topic. So they will trust that they will only link to similar websites that are good. So without getting too technical we are going to find high quality relevant websites that we can get a link from. Links are one of the most important ranking factors for Google SEO, and usually we have to pay something to get these links. This could be a great piece of content that people want to link to because it good. It could be an interesting infographic that fits well on niche relevant websites or it could be unique piece of content that we can post on a high quality relevant website in your industry. One way or another we will find great links and this will help you rank at the top of Google.

Brand Reputation Management

It is important that where ever someone looks online, that your business is represented in the best possible way. So we will make sure that you have a great presence across the internet. We do this by getting your business on all the best directories (a directory is like Yellow Pages). We will build branded social and blogging websites so you have good content around the internet. Brand reputation management is important because you want to be consistent and congruent no matter what part of your business a customer interacts with.

Google Maps Optimisation

Like we said earlier it is important to be ranking in Google Maps when you are a business based in Birmingham. It is a great way to get customers to your website or to your business from Google. So we will make sure that we optimise your Google Map listing so it gets into the top 3 in and around Birmingham. We will also help get you reviews so customers are more likely to click on your listing.

Google Adwords Optimisation

Google Adwords is the third string to our SEO service, because it a third way to get a customer when someone searches on Google for your product or service. However because it can be quite costly, we make sure everything else is sorted out first. For example if your website is slow to load because we skipped the technical onpage optimisation then someone may click on your ad but then get frustrated at the load time and click back to Google. This is a waste of money and is inefficient with your resources. So unlike many other SEO companies who skip straight to this step at the beginning, we leave this to a later stage when we know we can get the most return on your investment from your Google Adwords campaign.

Retargeting Ads

We are sure you know that on average it takes 7 times for a person to interact with your business before they make a purchase. So it is important to have a retargeting campaign set up. This means when a customer visits your website but doesn’t make a purchase, we can follow them around the internet and turn up on the websites they visit later on. Retargeting also gives the impression of your business being a big company because your turning up on websites that that person trusts and likes. You will then be subconsciously associated in the customer's mind as a business they can trust and like, and ultimately make a purchase.

Review of Progress and Adjustments

After all is said and done, it is important to analyse the results and review the progress that has been made. From here we can make adjustments and get your input on what you think we could be doing better or what is it you would like to focus more on. At the end of the day this is your business and we want to take it where you want it to go. As Lao Tzu said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. If you would like to take the first step in your SEO journey with us, then join our waiting list by getting in contact with us here.
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  • Reputation management
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Monthly reporting

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