Dental Marketing Case Study - SEO Come back Ranks

Dental marketing in the UK is highly in demand and especially ranking a dental practice based in London, top of Google is extremely tough.

I’ve been doing dental marketing services for over 3 years now and I’ve first started by doing SEO services for Angel Orthodontic practice in Angel, London. You can read that case study to know about the Building The #1 Orthodontist Brand in London, UK

After many people started asking me about how to get a back the dropped ranks, I though ding this dental marketing SEO case study and expose what exactly I did to get back the Angel Smile dental practice back to where it was ranking. Normally I only share such level tips only at the online SEO Academy

You will come back ranks and how the website has budged back to top 3 and looking to top the most competitive keyword for the dental practice in the area. Angel, London is one the busiest and rich areas in London and ranking on top 3 for the main keywords is what every dentist based in the area is after.

It’s very competitive as many dental practices are trying to rank #1 for “dentist angel” and many more keywords.

Before going to the case study, I will let you watch the review from Dr. Amin back then after when I first ranked his practice on top spots on Google.

Also, Dr Hosian Gave us a nice review as well, when things were good!

Now let’s get ready and watch case study to see what I did to get the get back the dropped ranks.

See below, what I mean when I said climbing back tough!

Organic ranks 12.11.2018

On the video, you will see that the main keyword “dentist angel” ranks #2 as of yesterday night (12.11.2018) when I was doing the screen recorded video for the case study.

This dental marketing case study will show you how authentic SEO services work. The dentists and anyone who does dental marketing should read! Video with tips!

Dental Marketing Case Study (Authentic SEO) – Getting back the dropped organic Google ranks

Let me know your feedback or drop a review below if this gave you some ideas.

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