Photography SEO: Ranking #1 for Photography Studio in London, UK

We’ve been working in the photography studio SEO niche in London, UK for few months now and I have shared the case studies from the starting dates back on our Blog. You can have a read > 69 drops Studio – Optimization for photography studio hire in London where I explain it all about how we’ve started and where the sites was back then on that day.

Also check 69 drops Studio: Ranking journey the most glamourous photography studio brand on Google which I’ve done last month and the photography studio site is just climbing to the top of the niche.

This time I thought let me, Stuart and Micheal do a quick vBlog to recap it all while sharing the screen of the ranks looks like and the brand was built to be the dominator in the niche.

With that being said, if you like what you saw or have a photography business in London and would like to get some advice from us.

The case study was written back in 2016 and even right now the web ranks on top 3 spots on Google for most of the buyer terms.

You can not get in touch with Dinesh as he managed the complete 69 drops Studio SEO project.

Currently, we use the guest posting services that you can see on this page and get in touch with Dinesh or call us to ClickDo for SEO services for your photography services business.