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Digital marketing costs so much, and I hardly any get tangible results.”

I hear this statement every single day. From different people. And they all tell me how they spent thousands of pounds on digital marketing and got no results.

And I tell them the same thing.

“You don’t succeed by just randomly doing something. You succeed when you do it the right way.”

And saying the same thing every other day isn’t fun. For me, at least.

So that’s why I have decided to write this open letter to everyone who believes that digital marketing campaigns don’t succeed. Let us settle this once and for all.

My name is Fernando Raymond. And I run a successful digital marketing agency in London, UK.

I started ClickDoTM Ltd. in 2013, and since then, I have worked with hundreds of clients. I am an SEO specialist, and we have Mr. Dinesh Kumar VM, who handles the PPC and link building aspect of things. We also offer website hosting services.

And not one of the clients that I have worked with would say digital marketing doesn’t work. That’s because it worked for them. They have seen real, tangible results. And profits.

And there are three main reasons you think otherwise. I’ll be addressing each one of them now.

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Reason 1: You Don’t Fully Understand What Digital Marketing Is

Marketing efforts through digital channels fall under the category of digital marketing.

This means if you run just a search engine optimisation campaign and see no visible results, you need to try some other form of digital marketing.

It is possible that your audience would be more inclined towards ads that show up in search. You need a PPC campaign for that.

And if your ads are not getting clicked on, it might mean your audience trusts organic search results more than adverts. Aim to rank higher on SERPs with SEO in this case.

The inefficiency of one type of strategy does not mean the concept is wrong. It just means you picked up the wrong strategy. And in most cases, digital marketing strategies need to be a mix of SEO, PPC and several other efforts. And the inability to strike a fine balance is what causes your efforts to go waste. Thus, making you believe that digital marketing isn’t useful.

Set the Right Goals

Reason 2: You Haven’t Set the Right Goals

If you think “my business will grow by leaps and bounds” with a single PPC campaign or a month of SEO efforts, you, my friend, have set the wrong goals. Unattainable goals, I must say.

Digital marketing is no magic. It is a scientific method that makes use of the art of understanding customer behavior to steer your ship in the right direction.

And any reputable digital marketing agency would never promise overnight success. If you get that promise from a company. Run. Away from them. And never contact them again.

Then, What Qualifies as Digital Marketing Success?

Here are a few indicators of a successful digital marketing campaign –

  • Increase in brand awareness
  • Increased traffic on your website
  • Revenue generation and sales
  • Reduced cost per leads
  • Higher click-through rates
  • Returning visitors
  • Enhanced customer lifetime value

We once worked with a photography studio in London. And for the  £2.61K that they spend on Google Adwords, they got 900+ bookings through their website. This didn’t happen overnight. The 10,800 impressions and 900 plus bookings happened over a span of 4 months.

This is an example of real results. That’s how we measure the success of a digital marketing campaign.

We cannot do anything overnight. But, if you want to know what you can achieve in one month or in four months or six months by spending a set budget, you can contact me using this form. And I will be happy to tell you how much growth potential your business holds. In numbers.

Hire the right Digital Marketing Agency

Reason 3: You Have Hired The Wrong Agency

Most of the people who come to me with complaints against digital marketing don’t realize one thing. The issue is not with digital marketing. But the company that they hire.

For one, most companies tend to make vague promises. And second, the companies dupe innocent clients.

You hardly know what success is and whatnot. And until the time you realise that your business has not benefited, they have made their profits. And now are on their way to dupe someone else.

If you hire a random company and get duped, you don’t get the right to call all of us worthless.

As an SEO specialist and digital marketer, it deeply pains me when I  hear innocent businesses being robbed by lying and cheating digital marketing companies.

I am not a cheat or a fraud, and that’s the max that I can do from my end.

But you can do a lot more. You can put in a little effort into finding the right company. And with that, you will be able to get the desired results from digital marketing.

Hiring THE Digital Marketing Agency

Even I have a digital marketing agency. And I can literally end my letter by telling you to hire me.

But I believe you need to be able to make that call for yourself. What I will do is tell you three things to look for in an agency. If you find those things in any digital marketing consultant or company, hire them. Even if it is someone other than me.

  1. The clarity in the offering. Find yourself a company that tells you what exactly they can do for you. Don’t buy fake promises and rosy dreams of success.
  2. Documented history of success. Before giving your money to anyone, learn more about their previous campaigns. If they have no record of success, they are not suitable.
  3. Experts on board. You cannot work with inexperienced professionals. Find yourself, people, who have been in the business and who know their way around.

If you feel I satisfy the above three criteria, you can get in touch with me via mail, this form or through my general inquiry hotline (dial 020 7175 1344).