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You have a website. You have social media handles. But they are just taking up digital space and giving you no results.

Confused? Here’s what you need to do…

Hire a digital marketing company.

Yes, I said it right there. With no fluff and no sugar coating. Just go and hire a digital marketing company, and you’ll be sorted.

Why Hire Someone For the Work that You Can Do Yourself?

I have heard this question too often. And here’s what I say every time someone says they can run their own digital marketing campaigns.

The books that engineers read are available to everyone. So why don’t you just pick up the tools and build the highway yourself? That’s not possible, right? You need expertise and experience.

The same is the case with a digital marketing company. You can find out what needs to be done. But never know exactly how to do it unless you properly learn it. And there is no chance that you can get it right in the first go.

And well, the Internet audience won’t give you a second chance.

That’s why instead of trying to figure out things yourself and making a mess, call the experts

Hire #1 Digital Marketing Company in London

Why hire Digital Marketing company?

Because I have generated results for several businesses across several niches. Using digital marketing strategies. The business included orthodontists, jewelers, car wash companies, photography studios, and more. And the way digital marketing worked for them, I know it will work for you too.

who am I?

I am Fernando Raymond. The founder-owner of ClickDoTM Ltd. – a successful digital marketing company in the UK.

When I started ClickDo back in 2013, I was practically alone. All I had with me was my SEO know-how. But today, I have a team of trusted and experienced experts who help me spearhead different types of campaigns for my clients. Dinesh Kumar VM is a Google Adwords expert who overlooks the PPC aspects.

And together, I, Dinesh, and our team, we drive more clicks to your website. And help you convert them to customers.

You can contact us through this form or give us a call at our general inquiries hotline by dialing 020 8638 5857.

Fernando Digital Marketing Consultant

What Does ClickDo Do Differently?

I won’t say mine is the only digital marketing company in the UK. You’ll find digital agencies everywhere. But not all of them have had similar success in the past.

Since I started ClickDo, I have been helping businesses get online and get clicks. And I also convert those clicks to customers. I have the experience to do what’s best for you.

I optimized the Quick Waster website. I carried out detailed search engine optimization.  And with that, they started getting over 100 visitors per day. One of the PPC campaigns that Dinesh ran for a jewelry store drove over a thousand visitors to their website in a month. And the cost per click was just  £0.46.

We have done this before. And we can do that for your business too. We don’t make hollow claims; we make promises that we intend to keep.

Clicks to Customers – The ClickDo Way

Most digital marketing agencies try to sell people their “secret sauce”. They’ll tell you about the results that you can get. But never the strategy that they’ll use. They won’t tell you where your money is going. They will never let you know their plan of action.

And, of course, they deliver nothing. But we are different. We deliver results (as we have done in the past). And we will tell you what we do and how. It is your business, and you deserve to know the strategy.

1.     Website Designing and Optimization

Your website is the first point of contact between your business and prospective customers. And it needs to be on point. We start by designing your website and optimizing it to get a higher search engine rank. We also offer hosting services and will readily take that burden off your back if you wish.

From small details like adding Title and Meta tags to the pages to the bigger things like having a mobile-optimized website, we take care of everything.

2.   Building Quality Links and Citations

We know how Google algorithms work. And we know for a fact that quality backlinks and citations are essential to please the Google crawlers. So that is what we do. With our effective link building efforts, we make sure Google picks up your website, and you rank on page 1.

3.   Creating Killer Content

Content is not the king of digital marketing. Good content is. And we create good content for your business. The content that we generate for your business is in different forms and formats. And is published on different platforms. From quirky social media posts to impressive web content and conversational landing pages and blogs, your content will spark conversations on all platforms.

4.   Running Paid Ad Campaigns

Our efforts are not limited to SEO strategies. We create a fine balance of paid and unpaid strategies to make your digital marketing efforts yield results. We set up local/national/global pay-per-click ad campaigns. And with the right ad copy, we make sure you get relevant traffic on your website.

So, there it is. The strategy that we will follow for your business – explained right here.

That’s because we don’t believe in keeping secrets. SEO, PPC and digital marketing as a whole are well-documented concepts. Finding strategies online isn’t tough.

But what you won’t find anywhere else is the hands-on experience that we have.

Digital Marketing Company in London

So, What’s The Deal? You know I have experience and expertise. But what you might not know is that you can get started with us for free. You can schedule a free initial consultation with me. And I will give you an estimate of what my team, and I can do for you. I will be very clear about how much it will cost and how soon you can expect results.

But that’s one part of the deal. We also want something from you. (The best relationships are those that have an equal give and take, right?)

Well, we want your active participation. It is your campaign, and you should have a say. You should know what we are doing for your business and how. My team will keep you posted about everything. But I truly appreciate it when the conversations are kept alive from both sides.

Ask me questions. About anything and everything. And I’ll be happy to answer.

Now, how about a cup of coffee tomorrow and we can discuss how we can get clicks for your website, convert visitors to loyal customers, and kick your competitors out of the playing field? Just fill in this form right here, and I’ll get in touch with you for further details