Digital Marketing Executive for Business Growth in London

You set up an online store, prepared the backend, and tweaked the supply chain, but customers failed to show up.

Now you are scratching your head and wondering what went wrong.

Nothing at all is wrong.

Digital Marketing Exectuive to Grows Sales

Digital Marketing Grows Sales

It is not that only Walmart and Amazon can benefit from the digital medium. Almost anyone can leverage the power of the internet if they know-how.

For every marketing dollar, you spend we assure you several fold return. That’s because our knowledge is unparalleled.

Why should you go for digital marketing? We share the reasons in brief.


Ask any experienced marketer, and they would tell you that the reach of digital marketing is immense. That is why every form of business has taken to it in a big way. It is easy to afford. Even the most elaborate plan would cost merely a few thousand pounds. You can start off with a few hundred and get immense traction. Is it possible to spend so little on print advertising and get any attention?


The use of analytics makes digital marketing quite unique. You get to see who visited your site, when, from where and several more data points. The use of analytics makes it possible to fine-tune your message. There is no way you can ever find out how many saw your advertisement on a billboard. But if you advertise on social media or Google Adwords, there is granular access to data.

Generate Leads Effortlessly

At ClickDo, we help you set up and nurture a sales funnel that is robust and far-reaching. Generating consistent sales is not a problem if one understands the way digital marketing works. With leads always in the pipeline, you have the confidence to expand and invest in new product lines. That expands your potential customers and converts to a virtuous feedback cycle.


It is not only selling more that matters. Products come and go. Trends fade. But the brand lives on. You are ultimately striving to build a brand that would last years and decades. Reaching out to the world through a digital marketing executive is the easiest way to craft brand recognition.

You need a great digital marketing strategy if you want to get the word out about your product.

Once your brand is created, customers would arrive in droves.

Sounds interesting? Read on.

Customised Digital Marketing Solutions

Customised Digital Marketing Solutions

We are here to get you more leads. How do we do that and bring more publicity to your business? Through a multi-pronged approach that always works without fail.

Conversion Optimisation

First of all, you need lots of internet users to know about you. Secondly, you need to convert these passive leads to paying clients. There is no rocket science to this but plain old elbow grease and lots of innovation. Getting traffic is only half the job. We also focus on the other half.

The biggest part is optimising your site and making the landing pages attractive. If you were able to convert 5% of the traffic before we went to work, you could be assured of a three-fold increase after we work on it.

Social Media Management

It is quite impossible to devise a marketing strategy that does not place emphasis on social media. We are not talking about haphazard posts on Facebook and Instagram. It is all about a concerted effort to reach your potential customers and impress them through a mix of graphics and taglines.

Customer relationship management through social media is of utmost importance. Through effective engagement, we ensure that your clients return to you time and again. As you can understand, we take a 360-degree view and manage comprehensively.

Content Marketing

Content is what gets attention. It’s not about having the slickest videos alone but getting it out at the right time to the right audience.

Our goal is to increase your customer base, and we help you educate, inform and close sales. Every step of the way the process is tweaked frequently to make sure that your precious resources are not wasted.

Brand Management

How do your customers react to your brand? This is an essential question to ask if more sales are the end goal. We ensure that you are always connected to your customers in this highly digitized era and made aware of their feedback through the digital medium. It is possible to glean a lot of insight from tracking how users behave on your website, which pages attract their attention, and what they do after leaving. You have an insight into their behaviors, and we interpret them without using jargon.

Why Us?

I am Fernando Raymond, the founder of ClickDo, the most exceptional digital marketing firm in London. I and my partner Dinesh VM, an authority in SEO and PPC specialize in getting online marketing campaigns off the ground.

The team we have assembled at ClickDo are experts in every aspect of digital marketing from website optimization, content marketing, devising pay-per-click campaigns to managing your brand and online reputation management.

We intend to bring you thousands of clients at the least possible cost.

Digital Marketing Executive - No#1 in London

How Do We Help?

We provide end to end digital marketing solutions. Once you tell us your requirements, we use the best tools to research and come up with the most viable solutions.

At every step, you are involved, and your input matters to us. There are no surprises and no hidden costs.

A few years back when Dinesh and I launched our venture, we were in the same place you find yourself. That is why we devised the most workable strategies that can be tailored and implemented in as little as a week.

All that you need to do is call us now.

Once we learn about your requirements – be that content marketing, social media management, getting more website visits – our team takes over and puts together a strategy.

What differentiates us from the also-rans? The experience we bring and the dedication to make your business succeed.

Simply put, we make sure that tomorrow is different and the world is a little better because we tried our best.