The digital nomad lifestyle revolution

You’ve surely come across the term “digital nomad” somehow and maybe you’ve been wondering what it actually means and entails. Look no further as here are some answers to your questions about the digital nomad lifestyle that is infecting people like an epidemic, making them change their lives completely.

What is a digital nomad?

Nomadic people are considered to not live in one set place, but to move around constantly or within shorter periods – they never really settle down in one place. They have existed since the birth of our human species and while we were still hunters and gatherers thousands of years ago, we were all nomads looking for the best conditions to lead a good life. So, a digital nomad is a person traveling the world or working remotely while supporting his or her lifestyle by earning money online.

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Is digitalisation the new industrialisation?

About 300 years ago amazing innovations in engineering and technology such as the steam engine, developed in Europe and America, lead to what we today call “the Industrial Revolution”.  It marks a major turning point in the history of humans as the modern manufacturing processes impacted almost every aspect of daily life in some way or another.

These innovations changed how people lived and worked – they opened so many new opportunities for humans that were unthinkable years earlier. Comparing the rise of computers and the internet with the industrial revolution, we can see how these technologies have affected people’s lives over the last 30 years. Thanks to hardware and software magnates Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and world wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee our lives have changed dramatically since the ’80s. Can you imagine a world without a computer or smartphone? Just try not to use them for a few days and you’ll see how dependent we are on them. Unless you live in the wild, it’s kind of impossible. Modern technical advances have meant that we can connect and communicate with people around the world at any time at any place. We can read, shop, bank, watch, date, learn and work online – we are becoming digital nomads, this is the digital revolution.

Ways of living the digital nomad lifestyle

Knowing what a digital nomad is doesn’t mean you know what the digital nomad lifestyle entails. There are many ways you can lead a digital nomad life, depending on what you choose to focus on. Imagine all the different professions that were created along with the industrialization – the invention of trains alone brought with it many different roles from conductor to head of logistics. Now, look at all the new jobs that have evolved with digitalization – from software or web designers to social media moguls like Mark Zuckerberg. We want to provide you with some examples of successful digital nomads out there to give you a better idea:

Andrew dropped out of university and became a serial entrepreneur who realised that travelling around the world and not living in one place can save you a lot of money in taxes. So, he has become an expert in running a business remotely while saving lots of money wherever you can. Read his story and you’ll get an idea of one way to live a digital nomad life.

This German couple have met while traveling and have managed to turn their love for being a nomad into a business. They’ve successfully built an online business that started with a travel blog and now give advice about ways to establish your own online business while living in beautiful Costa Rica currently but traveling around with six kids. Clearly, a digital nomad lifestyle isn’t just suitable for singles.

The CEO of a digital marketing agency had enough of doing the 9-5 rat race and decided to break free after reading Tim Ferriss’ book “4-hour

Digital nomad Fernando

work week” several times. He convinced himself that he could become part of the new rich, as Tim calls people who automate their work to a level that allows them to do regular retirements (traveling for weeks or months), basically leading a digital nomad lifestyle. Fernando taught himself SEO skills and what started out with one client 4 years ago is now a very successful business based in London, which he can run from anywhere in the world as he regularly travels. He absolutely loves the laptop lifestyle and wants people to experience the same freedom, which is why he has worked very hard to create a comprehensive online training program for anyone interested in SEO and digital marketing via the SeekaHost University. Here you can gain vital skills required to join the digital nomad tribe. Fernando is a serious digital nomad missionary and invites a thousand people to join the digital nomad family in the Facebook group. ClickDo will also be arranging digital nomad parties this year in Barcelona and other locations in Europe. His staff follow Fernando’s example and enjoy working remotely whenever they can – see how I do it here This summer I will travel to Germany and Ibiza and work from there on my own terms. If we can do it, so can you!

How you can do it

Design your life as a digital nomad

As you’ve seen in the examples above, in order to work remotely you will need skills you can use online like blogging (this is how Fernando started out), web/graphic design, digital marketing, SEO – the list goes on. Depending on your interests and talents you should think carefully about what you want to focus on as not all of these ways of making money online are scalable – read our articles “How to make money online in 5 sustainable ways” and “How to make money in the UK (ways to earn working from home) to give you a clearer picture. If you are considering to become a digital entrepreneur, check out these blogs: and They will provide you with useful information about starting a digital business and the latest opportunities and trends.

What the digital nomad lifestyle offers you

Are you ready to join the tribe and be part of the digital revolution? If your answer is yes, amazing communities, places and experiences await you on your digital nomad journey. From stunning work locations to full-on boat cruises, retreats and adventure travels, there’s something for every digital nomad out there and the beauty is once you’re free to work remotely, you can experience all of this and whatever you want – you’re your own boss and manage your time and life. Remember, there are many different ways of making money online and you have to find the path that is right for you. But if you’re smart about it and create a time-efficient and scalable system, you’ll find yourself being increasingly capable of doing the things you love.

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