Facebook Advertising Training Course

Train Online to become a Facebook Advertising expert and help businesses get leads through Facebook & sell products.

This Facebook advertising training course is designed to help people learn all the fundamentals as well as the most important advance Facebook marketing skills, including campaigns that achieve the highest ROI for the business.

You will learn how to plan a Facebook advertising campaign, how to identify the target audience, set up your first campaign and create various ads that will generate business like never before. At ClickDo, our Facebook marketing consultant will personally show you how to get the best buck for the money spent on Facebook. You will learn how to monitor campaigns using software, Facebook data analysis tools and also get firsthand insights about the campaigns you create.

The goal of a Facebook advertising campaign is to get maximum ROI with less spending. A/B testing is key to maximizing your ROI. You will learn how to do A/B testing and Logesh our expert on the subject will explain how that’s done and show some examples of how we’ve done it for our clients at ClickDo.

This Facebook marketing training course is a technical session, so we assume you have a fundamental understanding and interns about Facebook.

Who is this Facebook Advertising course for?

For business professionals, digital marketers who want to gain more knowledge about Facebook advertising, SEO consultants who wish to become Facebook marketing consultants and anyone who wishes to learn the best skills for Facebook marketing and become a Facebook advertising consultant in 2018.

What will be covered in this online training courses?

  • How to structure a Facebook advertising campaign.
  • How to identify the advert structure
  • Planning and preparing a campaign checklist
  • Full explanation on Facebook ads manger and how you can create it when doing clients consultancy
  • What is a Facebook page and why you need to create a Facebook page with the right branding
  • Why branded pages perform better
  • How to create custom audiences and targeting new customers
  • What is Facebook Pixel and how to use it right?
  • How to implement Facebook pixels on a website
  • Facebook Re-Marketing with Ad-Level and Product Level Accuracy
  • How to create custom and lookalike audiences based on your customers
  • Facebook targeted marketing techniques
  • Audience Narrow Down Systems for Campaigns
  • Split (A/B) testing and why it’s vital to improve the performance of your campaigns
  • How to monitor your Facebook ads campaigns
  • Measuring the return on invest
  • How to use traceable URLs
  • Complete Lead Generation pipeline setup
  • Facebook Analytics – getting into deep data
  • Ad Delivery Insights and how to utilise the data

After the course you will have 30 days to ask any questions via email or have a 1hour Skype Session with our Facebook advertising consultant training managers, Logesh Kumar or Myles Henry. We assure that you will get the knowledge you seek and will be able to become a Facebook advertising expert by taking this course.

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