Franchise Opportunities In UK To Join And Work from Home

Are you looking for franchise opportunities in the UK that enable you to get started with a low-cost investment? – Then you are on the right page!

At ClickDo we’ve found the most effective business models that work and require a very low investment from you to get started online and work from your home.

One of our most successful business models is the digital marketing franchise and the SEO business opportunity.

We also work with many businesses in the UK that offer UK franchise opportunities in various industries. However, we do like to encourage low-cost franchises that anyone can get started with while working in the comfort of their own home.

What are the benefits of joining a franchise you wonder? Here are just a few:

  • Becoming part of successful business with an existing franchise system will give you the opportunity to market an established company’s products and services, which people already know and trust as the brand is strong.
  • You won’t have to invest a lot of money and time into setting up the business and you have the support from the company when it comes to using all their resources (training, operating systems etc.).
  • You’re not on your own with setting up your business, yet you’ll enjoy the freedom of running it and having the experience of learning by doing it with a successful company advising you.
  • You’ll generate your own income and based on the franchise agreement you might pay a recurring fee or a one-off initial payment to the company.

Our CEO Fernando started ClickDo as a home business that consults local business owners with digital marketing and local SEO consultancy services. You can read more about it at

Here is Fernando’s franchise vision in the UK: “As ClickDo is an established brand it is easy to convince local business owners about our fantastic SEO skills and services. The people who buy our franchise will be able to get clients very easily.”

For all the support and training Fernando would offer, including his SEO and digital marketing courses, ClickDo Ltd. would only charge a monthly royalty fee of £299 on a 12 month contract for each franchisee. Most people can afford this and Fernando guarantees success for what you invest: “We will help them personally to take clients on board and will guarantee at least £60,000 per year of revenues (that’s just £5000 per month managing 5-10 clients)”.

So, if you have a passion for SEO and the digital economy and you are willing to learn about SEO and invest time and effort into building your own consultancy with a strong and reputable network of clients then you should discuss your franchise project with Fernando!

And if you are a business owner or company that would like to also offer low-cost franchise opportunities online you can advertise these here and ClickDo will make sure that people hear about it. Just get in touch!