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Why hire dedicated developer or a offshore development team?

Hiring dedicated developer team is the best way to scale your digital product development business. Having developers makes it easier for your agency, business build the demanding software inhouse and scale your business.

Moving from using monthly recurring software to having your own software tools for your business will help you grow your business much profitably.

Starting with 1 developer back in 20215 we grew out to over 70+ computer engineers, that helped us build SeekaHost as the leading web hosting company.

We Handle the Hard Part of Hiring and have the teams working from our offices in Sri Lank or your can have your developers work from home.

The hiring part and assurance you get is second to none.

hire dedicated developer
Advantages of having a dedicated developer

Advantages of having a dedicated developer/s?

And the best thing is you get the massive savings of hiring a developer from the United Kingdom. Could cost up to £4000 to £6000 per month to hire and pay a good developer and we will get your great experienced developers for the 50% or less that the UK rates.

The developers we hire for you are dedicated and works 6 days a week doing exactly what you want building amazing software’s, web applications to scale your business.

When you have a product development idea you can talk to our senior’s computer scientist like Wasantha and Kasun Sameera at ClickDo Ltd. and they will evaluate your ideas and find the ideal developer or the team for you.

Hire Best Software Developers

Best developers

Highly focused experienced software developers in UK.

Smart developers

Get your idea developed to the web by the best developers

Grow with dedicated developers

Online tracking system to monitor your developers

hire dedicated developer
Track the developments work

Grow with dedicated developers and affordability

International developers

Central communication and software project deployment

Communication with developers

Daily live calls via Skype/Zoom with your developers

Get Your Developers Hired

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