Buy PBN Backlinks – Private Blog Network Links from Quality Website List

PBN Backlinks – What is a Private Blog Network (PBN)?         

Private Blog Networks (PBN) is a list of many websites which is hosted in unique IP’s to use it for link building purposes in SEO. PBN blogs are mainly used to build links to the money site to improve its ranks in the Google Search Engine Results (SERP) page. Normally the traffic stats of the private blog networks will be less or zero when compared to the normal websites. PBN blogs are solely maintained and used for the link building purposes in SEO. PBN Backlinks will help you improve the ranks organically.

Normally hundreds of PBN blogs will be owned by a single person. These blogs are hosted in unique IP’s and built just to build backlinks to the target site. When it comes to PBN blogs, it should contain a good backlink profile and also should be indexed in Google, If not, then the target site will not get any authority through the backlinks from such PBN’s.

Registering hundreds of PBN domains is not a big task, But building it as a proper blog and maintaining it involves many steps. If you are an SEO Consultant, then you can use the PBN’s to build links to client websites, and also on the other hand, you can accept guest posts in those PBN’s sites and make money.

Danger of PBN Backlinks

When you are building a backlink to the target site from the PBN backlinks, you should make sure that certain terminologies are fulfilled by the PBN Blog network from which you are linking. There is a high risk of building backlinks from PBN if all the sites are hosted in the same IP’s or if it has footprints. Backlinks from the poor PBN network will affect your current rankings badly and will result in drop in rankings.

If Google detects that you are building links from spammy PBN’s, then your organic ranks of the target site will be in high risk and will result very badly. So if you are building backlinks from PBN blogs, you should make sure that it is done in the safest & natural way, so in the view of Google Crawlers, links looks more safe and authentic. Obviously, there is no big risk because of PBN backlinks if you are doing it in a proper way from well-maintained PBN blogs.

Are PBN backlinks safe?

are pbn backlinks safe

If you are planning to rank a target site for specific keyword using the PBN links, then you can proceed if it is done in a legit way. PBN links are safe if you are using in a proper way without letting the Google search engine detect the manual link building works. You should try to build the links in a drip-feed method rather than building a bunch of links in the same day.

You should not use spun contents to build PBN links, you should invest on contents and should publish legit blog posts and build links from that. When linking from PBN blogs, you should also link to some other high authority sources including your target website’s link. This will make your backlink look more natural. Also, you can share the PBN blog post in the social media’s and improve the authority of that particular domain. All these minor things will make sure that PBN links works in a positive way for your website.

How to buy best PBN Links?

how to buy best pbn backlinks

If you are building links from the PBN blogs, you should make sure that all the blogs are hosted in the unique IP addresses. If all the sites are hosted in unique IP’s, then it’s a green signal for you to proceed further.

Second thing you need to check is whether the PBN blogs are indexed in Google Search. Some of the PBN blogs which are spammy may be de-indexed by Google. Hence check whether the blog is already indexed in Google. If this is fine, then you can check the DA of the blog and proceed with blog publishing.  This looks quite simple task to build a backlink from PBN, but you need to go through all these factors before doing backlinks from PBN sites.

On top of all, you should make sure that PBN blogs will be renewed in the future by the owner and maintained properly. In most cases, newbies entering into the SEO field will just build PBN to sell links and after making some money, they will drop the domains. So you should avoid such PBN blogs and build links from the real legit PBN’s which will be live forever. So it’s always best to buy PBN links from the agency rather than getting from freelancers.

At ClickDo, we have hundreds of PBN blogs which are hosted in our SeekaHost PBN Hosting in unique IP’s. These blogs are maintained by us for many years and we are building as proper blog in the coming months. So our blogs are no more called as PBN’s as we are working on to have dedicated social media profiles for each blog and going to be treated as legit blogs. Links from such blogs will help you boost the ranks organically and obviously you can see good results. If you are planning to create a new website from the expired domain, then you can build it as a proper PBN and later which you can grow as a legit blog.

PBN Blog List

Below are some of the sample PBN blogs which are built by our expert SEO Consultants at ClickDo,


Entrepreneurs Toolkit
DIR Business
I Do Business
The Widest Web
News Of The Hour
Greatest Blog
Pitlane Vision
BSBI Scotland
OHS Scotland


These are just some of the sample blogs, at ClickDo we have hundreds of well-maintained and regularly updated PBN blogs where we accept guest posts and link insertions.

PBN Backlinks – FAQ

Buy PBN Backlinks - FAQ

  1. Is PBN Illegal?

No, PBN Backlinks are not illegal. It depends on the way how you use them and build links to your target site. If you build bunch of links in quick time from spammy sites, then of course it will affect your site’s ranks. Hence it depends on how you use them to build links.

  1. Are PBN’s Safe?

Yes, PBN backlinks are safe if used in a proper way. You should try to build links in a drip feed method like weekly 3 to 4 links and not doing more links in quick time. You should try to keep the links more natural.

  1. Where can you buy PBN Backlinks?

You can buy PBN backlinks from ClickDo. We have hundreds of PBN’s which are hosted in unique IP’s and are updated regularly. ClickDo is the go to place for PBN backlinks.

  1. Can you rank without Backlinks?

No, even if you are trying to rank for less competitive keywords. Backlinks are vital to rank a new website in any niche. Hence you should build some quality backlinks from reliable sources to improve the ranks.

  1. What to look for in PBN Blogs before getting a backlink?

Check whether the PBN blogs are hosted in unique IP’s. Check the referring domains and if the PBN blog is indexed already on Google, then you can publish a guest post in that and build a link to your target site.

If you would like to buy PBN backlinks, you can contact Dinesh from ClickDo at or through 020 8638 5857