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Hello, I would like to welcome you to the smart business owners’ club. I am Fernando Raymond, the founder-owner at ClickdoTM Ltd. – a renowned digital marketing agency in the UK.

I believe you are worthy of joining the smart business owners’ club because you have finally decided to try your hands at PPC advertising. Albeit you are a little late. 96% of businesses have already started their campaigns. But better late than never. And today I am here to tell you how you can make sure you quickly catch up with your competitors, and your pay-per-click advertisement campaign yields desired results.

What is PPC Advertising?

Picture this. You run an ad that shows up on the Internet – the one place where all your prospective customers are looking.

And no, not at random (read: shady) sites. At the top of Google search results. Even before the top organic links show up. Also, not for random search queries. For queries directly related to your business.  People who are looking for what you offer will see it. And if they find your offer attractive enough, they’ll click through and come to your website. Basically, they’ll enter your sales funnel and then your website can take care of the rest. If the ad isn’t clicked, you don’t pay a penny. That’s because you pay only for the clicks. Simple, isn’t it?

Not really…

There’s a Catch with PPC Advertisements

Running a PPC campaign is an art and science that only a few can master. The Google Adwords dashboard (from where you run these ads) has as many options as a spaceship’s dashboard. It’ll take you days just to understand what settings can be used for what. And a few years, at least, to master the art of running a PPC advertisement campaign from this dashboard

Now, when the PPC ad marketing concept was new, businesses had the time to try things out. Half a decade ago, failing to create the perfect ad copy or not adjusting the settings correctly was not that big of a deal. You had time for damage control. But today, the smallest of goof-ups will have cascading repercussions for your business and on your budget. You need the experience to get started. And there is no way to get experience without failing a couple of times. But you also have no time to fail in the highly competitive digital marketing world today.

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What Can Clickdo Do?

Well, you can find crash courses, 10 top tips, and strategies used by experts online. But all that, even when combined, won’t give you hands-on experience. It would be like trying to fly an aeroplane and feeling confident because you have read the manual.

That’s where I come in, with ClickDo. ClickDo is the shortcut that you are looking for.

Started in 2013, today Clickdo is a close-knit team of top SEO, PPC, and digital marketing experts in the UK. I look after the SEO side of things. And Dinesh Kumar VM is the one who overlooks the PPC aspects.

We are not alone, though. With our team of 20 or so people passionate about digital marketing, we help businesses get online. And start driving in more revenue than they anticipated.

We have just our experience, dedication, and of course, the power of the web, to thank for the results we have produced. No shady tricks that will get you banned by Google.

What Do The Results Look Like?

Here is what kind of results Dinesh Kumar and his team yield by running PPC advertising campaigns for our clients…

A cleaning company in London once got 400 plus bookings through their website. Now, we’ll leave it up to you to imagine how many pounds they made. What we can tell you is that spent just £1.8k on Google Ads. And that’s because cleaning is one of the most competitive niches in the UK. Your business could do much better even by spending much less.

The shortcut to getting your booking calendar flooded or your stock sold out? Dinesh Kumar. He can be your PPC consultant.

You just have to click here, fill in the form, and he’ll take care of the rest. Strategizing the campaign, running it, monitoring, reporting results… he’ll handle all of it for you while you entertain the clients you would have found through the PPC ads.

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What If I Don’t Get Results?

Remember how I welcomed you to the smart business owner’s club at the very beginning? Well, that’s because you are indeed smart. And this question – what if I don’t get results? – is proof of that. Your apprehensions are logical and valid.

It is scary to invest your hard-earned money on ads and get no returns. But that’s something that doesn’t happen with PPC ads (you pay only for the clicks, remember?). And definitely not when you are working with ClickDo experts. We have spearheaded successful PPC campaigns for local businesses in the most competitive industries in the UK.

And we have delivered every single time.  No, that’s not just a lucky winning streak. If it were to be sheer luck, we wouldn’t have been standing strong for so long. (Since 2013.)

Our strategy is simple. Perfect planning, careful execution, and robust monitoring. Our proactive approach guides us in running ad campaigns that succeed. Not once, but always.

PPC campaigns

What Next?

Now, I have bared it all in front of you. I told you who I am, what I do, and what I can offer. I am not here to promise you to the world. I just have my experience that you can bank on and get a successful PPC advertisement campaign running for your business.

The ball is in your court now.

Click here to contact me now, and I will make sure you don’t regret it. Click away, and maybe your competitors will stumble on this page, and then surpass you in sales with Google ads driving customers for them.

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1. Can you tell me a little more about ClickDo?

It is always a wise call to know what you are getting into. And getting informed is the best way to start. Here is where you can find complete details about ClickDo.

2. What else can you do for me?

That depends on what you want us to do for you. Dinesh Kumar can look after your PPC campaign. I am an SEO expert, and I can take your website to the top of SERPs. We have experts on board for PR management, guest posting, and link-building. We also work with domain name sales and offer website and game server hosting. You can find more about what we can do for you by visiting our website right here

3. I am excited about working with you. Where can I start?

Right here. Fill in the form, and we’ll reach out to you soon. Or you can give us a call at our Google AdWords hotline by dialling 020 8638 5857.