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The web is a crowded place. Every business owner is determined to make their presence felt.

That makes it difficult to drive visitors to your website. If you are a newcomer, then almost no one knows about your online presence. Pay-per-click or PPC as it is known in the industry is one of the best ways to grow user traffic.

Someone sold you the idea of a website. You spent time and money setting it up. But how do you make your presence felt among a thousand other similar sites?

The most straightforward answer is through pay-per-click marketing campaigns.

PPC ads are the sponsored advertisements you find on Google and Bing search pages. They are placed at the top of the search list, and inevitably users click the URL.

At its core, the idea is quite brilliant and straightforward. Search keywords are auctioned by Google and Bing. The more familiar the search term, the higher the cost. If you bid on a search string and someone uses it, your website address would be shown at the top – quite a neat process.

But that is not all that there is to it. There are several steps that we use to deliver the best results. Remember that not only can you use PPC marketing strategy with Google but also Bing, Facebook, and Instagram. More and more platforms are opening up to this form of advertising.

Of all I know, the basics are for you to read in this post. Who am I, and why should you care? That’s next.

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Who am I? Why listen to me?

I am Fernando Raymond, the CEO of ClickDo. I started my SEO business back in 2013, and today the solo venture has grown into one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the UK.

Working with me is Dinesh Kumar VM, a true-blue whiz at PPC marketing and devising campaigns that suit every budget and all forms of business.

We have a simple philosophy – the customer must get what he wants, as soon as possible at as little cost as possible.

Professionals working at ClickDo span several domains – web design, SEO, digital marketing, PPC analysts – who leave no stones unturned at making our clients satisfied.

How Does It Work?

After working with hundreds of clients, we have devised a strategy that yields optimum results.

We did not study digital marketing from an online course, rent an office and put ourselves up as digital marketing experts.

We worked hard at making our own startup into a fabulous organization that has grown 200% annually in the past five years. That is why we understand what you want. Not so long back, we had the same desire that you have today.

To not only be the #1 at what we do but hold on to it, Dinesh and I spend considerable time trying to understand the underlying trends and how they will impact the domain tomorrow.


Trust Dinesh to examine everything to the most granular level. He would try and understand your business and spend a few hours asking you probing questions about your product and brand.

This is followed by intensive research using keyword tools about the search terms that users commonly employ to reach sites that offer the same service.

Relevant keywords, their search volumes, and cost per click (CPC) are analyzed, and a plan of action prepared.

Research - PPC Agency

Ranking the keywords

The most apparent keyword may not be the one you need. For example, if you are selling running shoes, then shoes are not the most important keyword. The perfect keyword would be something such as best running shoes, running shoes under $200, running shoes for men, etc.

The organization of keywords from most useful to least useful takes time because the PPC expert is trying to predict buyer psychology

Ranking the keywords

Budget determination

We might narrow down the perfect keyword, but is it affordable? The more common the keyword, the greater the budget needed to afford it.

Therefore we have to use our past experience to predict how many conversions you would have and multiply that with your profit margin to find if you are able to afford the keyword.

Budget determination

Learn from the competition

The strategy that your rivals use is of utmost significance. Not because they have to be imitated but the mistakes they are making can be easily avoided. Also, the keywords they have bid on providing a fair idea of their marketing budget. Tools such as SemRush and SpyFu are excellent for researching the competitor’s strategy.

Learn from the competition

Create better ads

Do you know what really differentiates the men from the boys? The meta description of each website shows up below the URL. It is a snippet about 150 characters long that provides a neat summary of your site. Making your meta description better is a way to increase ROI that most firms don’t even attempt.

Create better ads

Help set up the best landing page

If the customer clicks on the ad, they will arrive at your landing page. First impressions matter and the landing page should have a perfectly optimized design. With compelling content, easy navigation, and actionable CTA, the landing page decides the bounce rate.

In every step, you would be completely involved. We shall present you with our findings and recommendations, but the decision at the end of the day is yours. At no point shall we deviate from your directive

Help set up the best landing page

Why Entrust Your PPC Campaigns To Us?

Digital marketing evolves rapidly. PPC was until a few years back used mostly by Google. Now it is everywhere, even social media.

There is constant churning in the technology and approach used. Your PPC agency has to be managed by marketers who are completely informed and up to date.

Not only that, but you can get a basic quote and PPC consultation free of cost. Give us a call today. We shall share with you our stellar track record.

We perform not PPC marketing but also provide comprehensive services such as ongoing PPC management. This leaves you free to focus on the business and the product while we take care of your advertising needs and drive customers to your site.

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