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Would you like your business to run on autopilot while you kick back and relax? Well, you are about to unlock the simplest, cheapest, and fastest way to make high converting ad copies be your salesmen. Check out how PPC Marketing works.

I am Fernando Raymond, the owner of Clickdo™ Ltd. – the most successful PPC marketing agency in the UK. (These are not hollow claims. We have clients who’d vouch for the fact).

We help you run pay-per-click ads for the price of peanuts and drive more sales than you’d ever imagine.

What Can We Do For You?


If you were to tell people to buy things from you or avail your services, you’d have to do a lot of coaxing and convincing. But your target audience loves Google. If it says something, people will do it.

And PPC marketing makes Google (even Facebook and other top platforms) say what you want. We put high converting ad copies for your business on the top of relevant search result pages. And drive traffic and sales.

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What is PPC Marketing?

Even before the organic search results show up on a search results page, Google shows relevant ads. The science and art of making your ads land on the right pages, and driving conversion and sales through them is called PPC marketing.

And I have been doing this since 2013. Of course, not alone. But with my team of other experts who overlook everything to the smallest detail. Long story short, we have experience with and understanding of the Google algorithms, so we can help you get proper ad placement.

Also, we help you get over boring, run-of-the-mill ad copies that drive away prospects. We replace those with unique, engaging, keyword-optimized, and converting copies.

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Is PPC Marketing Right For Me?

Do you have a business? If yes, PPC marketing is right for you. Every business owner can use pay per click marketing to make more money.

Big business and small firms, in competitive niches and industries with little competition, can use PPC marketing. It brings all businesses to a level playing ground to compete and score sales.

Three reasons why NOW is the time to set up your PPC campaign. 

1. Your Competitors Have Done it Already. Stop seething at the long line of customers outside your competitor’s shop/office. They ran a PPC campaign that worked wonders for them. Big deal! Do what needs to be done and see the power of PPC bring clients to you.

2. It is Cheaper Than You Imagine. Paying thousands of pounds for billboard ads that don’t seem to create a buzz anymore got you thinking advertising is expensive? Ditch the dated mindset. PPC marketing is cost-effective. How are we so sure? We have seen brands spend a dollar on PPC ads and make two in return. Literally.

3. PPC Marketing WORKS. Guaranteed.  96% of brands are spending their money on Google Ads. It is only logical that it works and that’s why it has takers.

Now, if you are in the remaining 4% statistic, only God can help you survive (let alone thrive) in the highly competitive digital world without your campaign rolling. Or you can contact us to help you beat the other 96% of brands with a fail-proof paid search campaign.

With PPC, you don’t have to pump thousands of pounds for ads at spaces that your audience often ignores. You advertise only where your audience is looking. And you pay only when a prospective client clicks on it. Pay per click, you see?

Hire THE right PPC Marketing Agency

How To Quickly Get Started With Your PPC Marketing Campaign?

 Advance apologies for being blunt. If you want to learn to start your PPC marketing campaigns quickly, know that it isn’t going to happen. Ever.

It takes time. And truckloads of patience. While you cannot learn it overnight, you can contact Dinesh, and he’ll do it for you. Yes, he’ll set up the PPC marketing campaign for you (in way less than 24 hours).

No, Dinesh is not a magician. Dinesh Kumar VM is the man who handles Google ads, Facebook ads, and all other paid search campaigns at Clickdo. He is also an SEO consultant, link building expert and PR specialist.

And I won’t say he is good at what he does. Well, that’s because he is simply awesome. He set up a campaign for a workwear brand once. And after three months, we got a client mail to tell us to stop working on one of the keywords. Why? Did we really screw it up?

The opposite.

The client ran out of stocks and had no delivery dates. The sales were overwhelming. The campaign drove 3K visitors to their website in 3 months at just £1K.

Want to know how it feels to have so many orders that your stock runs out? Want to experience the feeling of having no dates and people begging you to take their money and offer your services? Click here to see what we can do for your PPC marketing campaign and then trust Dinesh Kumar to make all your wishes come true!


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Why ClickDo?

 Back in 2013, when I started ClickDo, I had nothing to lose. And everything to gain. So, that’s what I did. I dared to start ClickDo as a one-man startup. It is now a digital marketing agency that drives sales and spearheads growth for industries in the UK’s most competitive niches.

I started as an SEO consultant. But later diversified and started offering PPC services too. And I have never looked back since then. Neither have the clients that we have worked for. As a PPC agency, here is how we will work for you –

  1. Understand your business goals. When you first get to talk with us, we will be the most patient listeners. We’ll make sure we know exactly what you want.
  2. Strategize PPC marketing campaigns for you. PPC campaigns are not like making toast. You cannot just apply butter on the bread and put it in the toaster. It is a lasagna that needs more ingredients than visible to the naked eye. We will don our PPC marketing hats and plan a robust paid ad campaign that will meet your business goals.
  3. Doing what needs to be done. We don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk too. From kickstarting your campaign to testing variations, and perfecting each element, we will take care of everything.
  4. Give you tangible results. Once your campaign is up and running, we will be at our reporting best and keep track of everything. And we promise to deliver measurable results in the form of increased site traffic and improved conversion rates.

We have helped businesses outdo their competitors and bring in more customers within days of starting their PPC marketing campaign. With just one click, you can join hands with our top experts, bank on our experience, and get soaring sales without having to do much. Our PPC marketing team is waiting to be at your service. Click here now to unleash the power of PPC marketing with a PPC consultant by your side.

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PPC Marketing FAQs

1. I am not too sure about PPC marketing. What do I do?

Let’s catch up for a little chit chat when you are free. And we can talk it out. Tell me what is stopping you from taking the plunge. And I will make sure you leave the meeting with no confusion and a clear plan of action in place.

2. Is PPC all that you can do?

Blimey no! SEO, link building, guest posting, retargeting and remarketing, domain name sales, website, and game server hosting The list is long. We are a full-service digital marketing agency. Want to know what more we can do for you other than PPC? Here’s where you can find the complete list

3. How do I know if yours is the best PPC company for me?

There is no way to tell if you don’t try. Scheduling a free, no-strings-attached consultation with us is easy. And it is the best way to find out if we’d be the best match for your business’s PPC campaigns.