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Pay-per-click advertising is the most cost-effect digital marketing strategy. You target your ads to people who are searching for the products/services that you offer. And you pay for the ads only when your target audience clicks on them.

You get qualified leads, and you pay a certain sum per click depending on the level of competition in your niche.

That sounds like a fair deal, right?

But 9 out of 10 people that I meet are wasting a majority of their PPC budget. And I am sure you are doing it too.

I’m glad you asked.  I am Fernando Raymond. And I am the founder-owner of ClickDoTM Ltd. It is among the most successful digital marketing agencies in the UK. And we also offer PPC services.  Dinesh Kumar VM is the man who looks after the Google Adwords campaigns for ClickDo’s clients. And I offer SEO consultancy, should you need it too.

Now, because my company offers PPC consulting and campaign management (and we have been successful in doing that), I know what’s the right way. And most others, who aren’t getting the desired results, are doing it wrong.

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If you believe that the XYZ amount you have set as your monthly PPC budget, is only being spent on running ads on Google, you are too naïve.

The PPC management agency that you are trusting is charging a management fee. And that ranges from anywhere between 15% to 25% of what you actually spend on AdWords or even more in some cases.

Now suppose you have a PPC budget of £5000. This does not mean ads worth  £5000 are being run for your business. It means that ads worth somewhere around £4000 are being run and the agency is pocketing the rest  £1000.

It is obvious that experts charge a commission for their services. And paying that fee is worth it (in an ideal case scenario) because you’d be gaining from their services. But most agencies and consultants in the market are in the business to make a fortune for themselves. And unsuspecting business owners like yourself are left wondering why they aren’t getting results. Even after spending thousands of pounds.

And running Google Adwords campaigns is not even the only thing that you need for digital success. You need a fine balance of SEO, PPC, and social media marketing too. But you’ll have to pay separately for all those services.

Hire the Best PPC Agency for best price

How To Avoid The Management Fee?

You cannot.

If you are hiring experts to do something for you, they will charge you a fee. Just like you’d have to pay salaries to PPC specialists if you decide to build an in-house team.

The only way to not pay a management fee is to run your campaign yourself. Now, if you are not a PPC expert, it is best you don’t take that risk.

PPC as a concept sounds way simpler than it actually is. It requires a lot of trial and error when you don’t have enough experience. And trying to gather experience by working on your own campaign with no guidance is akin to a suicide mission. You’ll be wasting a lot of money. And if your ads aren’t carefully targeted, you will be damaging your reputation too.

But just because you cannot do it yourself and you need experts, it doesn’t mean you have to get robbed.


Bundled services are the best way to save money.

Best PPC Packages

What Can ClickDo Do For You?

We can offer you bundled Internet marketing services based on your specific needs.

Yes, based on your specific needs. I don’t have a one-size-fits-all plan that I can market to you.

All of my clients are different. Their business goals, click expectations, and budgets are unique. And that’s why I offer tailor-made solutions to each of them based on their niche.

For example, for orthodontists, I have Google Adwords packages starting at £800 per month. This also includes social media marketing, a dedicated account manager, and monthly reporting.

And what results can you expect?

When my team was working with a client in the dental niche, his website got 500 plus visits from potential users. For  £1.5k, that was spent on Google Adwords.

You can contact me through this form, and I will get back to you with the PPC packages made specifically for your business.

Best PPC Packages at clickDo

Why Trust ClickDo?

A fair question. ClickDo is also a digital marketing agency, just like the several others that have duped you or others in the past.

And it’s logical to be apprehensive about trusting anyone today. I don’t expect you to blindly trust me. But I do have valid reasons to claim that ClickDo is different.

Here are the three reasons that make ClickDo worth your trust –

  1. Our customers vouch for us. The majority of new clients that we find are referred to us by our previous clients. They see the results we yield for them and then recommend us to others in their business circles.
  2. We have a documented history of success. We take great pride in the results that we have yielded for our clients. And you can check out all the projects that we have previously worked on, on our website in the case studies section. With this, you can be 100% sure that we aren’t making false claims. Also, it will give you a brief idea about how we work.
  3. We are always open to conversations. Even before you have joined hands with us, we are ready to tell you what to expect and how you can grow your business by spending your PPC budget in the right way.

Just fill in this quick form, and I will give you a callback soon. And in the first meeting, I’ll listen to your concerns and business goals. Then I’ll offer you a customized PPC package.

And once we finalize our association, Dinesh and my team will get started with your PPC campaign. That’s when you kick back and relax and watch customers come straight to your business.

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