PPC Specialist – Hire #1 PPC Consultant for your Business

As more and more businesses shift online, searching for new clients, the online space is getting crowded. Whether your presence on the web is new or old, you need to attract more visitors using a pay-per-click campaign.

I am Fernando Raymond, the founder of ClickDo, a premier SEO and digital marketing agency based in London. It started as a one-person outfit in 2013 and has become one of the most reputed in this field.

Working with me is Dinesh Kumar VM, a PPC specialist who can develop the most effective online marketing campaigns for his clients.

If you are looking for more leads in the short term, there is no alternative to PPC. SEO works quite well, but it takes time – at least several weeks.

Our team comprises professionals from diverse fields – SEO, pay-per-click, digital marketing, content creation, and web development. Our motto is to think outside the box for an effective outcome.

How Does PPC Marketing Work?

The company that came up with the PPC concept was Google, but now it is available in Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn.

It is quite a simple advertising model based on search strings or keywords. You bid for keywords and set a target amount that you wish to spend. When a user uses the same keyword, your URL will be shown at the top of the page.

These results are marked as sponsored ads, but they do get an immense number of clicks. The most popular platform is Google Ads because it has the largest number of users.

Benefits of PPC Campaigns

If you wish to get traction immediately, nothing beats PPC marketing. It is probably the most preferred tool for those who want to get results fast.

It does not depend on the size or reputation of your business either. Your site may be only a few months old, but PPC does not bother about SEO properties.

What makes PPC ad campaigns so attractive?

  • You can accurately budget for it. The PPC platform would only work with the daily amount you have set. This way, you never overspend. Not only that, but you also understand if spending more would get you better results because of comprehensive metrics. There is no limit on your expenditure – bid £50 or 500.
  • The results are almost immediate. Once your account is set up and bid in place, it is approved by the PPC platform. After that, your campaign goes live, and visitors begin to pour into your website. Be careful that you have adequate stock in hand because you don’t want to run out of merchandise.
  • You can add or remove keywords at any given time. This provides you immense flexibility and grants you control over the campaign. In almost real-time, you see what is working and what is a waste of resources. Moreover, the clicks are genuine – meaning they are from users searching for a product you sell in the region where your services are available.
  • There is enormous scope for A/B testing to discover what type of PPC yields maximum ROI for you. By switching platforms, you also reach out to new groups of clientele and expand the customer base.
Benefits of PPC Campaigns

We Bring You the Best PPC Campaigns

Do you need an agency that can drive thousands of users to your site in a matter of days? Then you are at the right place. To know more consult us now.

We take pride in crafting bespoke PPC marketing strategies for our clients. With almost a decade of experience, Dinesh and I know everything there is to know about our craft. If you don’t believe it, ask any of our hundreds of happy clients.

Let’s take a peek into our process.

Initial Discussion

We like to call it the Prologue. At this stage, you tell us what you want; we ask you in detail about your business. PPC campaigns vary greatly, and a campaign advertising shoes would be very different from one that advertises cruises. Also, we learn about your budget and other constraints. If you have questions about what is pay per click marketing we clarify them.


If you want us to go ahead, we investigate the keywords and the cost for them. All keywords are not created equal. The more popular ones are always more expensive to afford. At the same time, they also grab the maximum number of eyeballs. We present you with a budget and a plan of action.

Ad Creation

Your advertisement would appear with a small snippet under it, known as meta description. About 150 characters long, this has to be precisely what the user is looking for. Crafting the perfect meta is of immense significance for a successful campaign to occur. Our content writers come up with an excellent two-sentence summary of your site and product.

Landing Page Setup

This is the page the user arrives after clicking on the URL in the ad. It has to be thoughtfully crafted. First impressions matter a lot, and visitors like to be reassured that they are on the right website for their needs. We design the page with straightforward navigation and immaculate typography.


There is no way to understand what works better without A/B testing. Most of what we do is repeated with new keywords and different landing pages to determine buyer intention.

We are experts at carrying out PPC campaigns and have gained a firm foothold in the industry as a result. The strategy we employ and the tools we use are proprietary and developed after thorough research.

The Secret Sauce

We can’t give away our secrets! After all, we have spent an enormous amount of time and energy developing it. But you deserve a peek.

We can optimize your ROI in the shortest possible time. At the root of this is AI-driven data crunching that can figure out helpful patterns from impressions (how many saw the advertisement) and Click-Through Rates (how many followed it by clicking).

At every step, we monitor your ad’s performance and bring refinement to the marketing strategy. To know more, click here or give us a call