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Boost SEO With Better Click Through Rates On Google

More and more local business owners in London are asking for Google rich snippet reviews. Basically the Schema Structured Data Implementation on their website. They mainly want the nice 5 start Reviews on SERP to appears when their domain is ranking higher up on the first page.

Google-Rich-Snippet-ReviewsTo tell you, I implemented the Schema markup structured data on ClickDo, SEO Consultant’s page, when increasing the ranks after budging to the first page. I noticed a very high rate of CTR (click through rate) increase.

Having the schema markup rich snippets displayed beneath website domain and the page title, will drastically increase the clikc through rate to your webste.


What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup or the structured data is a way which helps the publishers or the website owners to highlight the content present on their web pages to help the search engines know what the content is exactly about. For example, schema markup helps the search engines to fetch the information from the webpages like product review scores, aggregate rating, etc. Thus in simple words, structured data implementation will help the search engines to fetch the data from the site and display them on SERP’s.

How To Get Review Stars On SERP:

Nowadays Google has started looking upon many things to rank the website on top of the SERP for the particular keyword. One of such thing is the Schema Markup. By using the structured data implementation to the website you can show review stars on the SERP when the user searches for any particular query. This will help you to improve the Click Through Rate (CTR). That is the users will tend to click on the links which shows some extra information on the web like review stars as shown below.


How Schema Markup Helps Your Business Website?

As stated before, it will bring in some trust among the users to click on the link which has schema implemented. It can also be said as structure data implementation. A user will be in another user in the form of testimonials for a website. When a website is rated with a huge number of trusted customers, who had made business with them, then trust among the users will increase, which automatically leads to increase Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of Your Website. As it’s a one-time investment for implementation, you can just do it for your website, sit back and relax with no worries about CTR.

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Why do we stress on CTR as the top factor in SEO?

Click-Through rate defines the users trust on the content/service/product provided on the website. Once you have done enough on ranking at top of the Search results with all the SEO factors, it matters only when the user clicks on it and get into your website. To do that you have to stay unique and build trust to the visitor even before they get into the website. One Such way is structure data/schema implementation for the website. In addition to this, the website must have the quality content and best UI/UX.

As a #1 SEO Consultant in London, We at ClickDo help business to grow big in greater London through different digital marketing strategies. Get a consultation with us, our expert team will implement CTR increasing schema implementation for your website.

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